The GOLD Report provides and un-biased overview and interpretation of the evidence on all aspects of the management of patients with COPD, including:

  • • Diagnosis and assessment
  • • Initial pharmacological and non-pharmacological management
  • • Follow-up pharmacological and non-pharmacological management
  • • Management of exacerbations
  • • Management of comorbidities

In many parts of the world COPD services are rudimentary and many therapies, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, are not available. We hope providers will use the recommendations in the Report as the basis for commissioning services, identifying gaps in service provision and assessing the quality of COPD services.

This page provides links to background material produced by members of the GOLD Board of Directors and Science Committee which discuss issues that providers may also wish to consider, including:

  • • Burden of disease
  • • Ways of addressing disparities in outcomes
  • • Components of good quality COPD services and metrics for their assessment

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