Remote COPD Patient Follow-Up During COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) recognizes that there is a need for developing new approaches to interact with COPD patients. Remote consultations are superb tools to minimize the risk of transmitting coronavirus and will be necessary for some time. The systems put in place to facilitate remote consultations should also help increase the efficiency and capacity of the health care system into the future.

In this short document, GOLD provides guidance to support the remote interaction with COPD patients who are usually seen in primary or secondary care. The tool includes instructions on how i) to prepare for the remote visit; ii) to set up the visit agenda with the patient; and iii) provides a standardized checklist for follow-up of COPD patients whether in-person, by phone or in a virtual/online setting.

The principles of good record keeping and clinical practice should always apply: i) treat patients with dignity; ii) respect people’s right to privacy and confidentiality; iii) listen to the patient’s needs and act in their best interest; and iv) base your recommendations on the best available evidence.

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