My One Regret of Parenthood- Micro Managing and Strictly Over Doing It

A Look At the Tendency Towards Over Parenting

One of the worst things you can do for your children is to over parent them. If you do, they will not learn as much as they could if you would simply let them try. When kids have overly obsessive parents who are always concerned about their grades, or how they perform at school, they can also be guilty of over parenting. Instead of trying to micromanage your kids, you need to encourage them instead. In this article, we will show you the downfalls of over parenting, and what you can do to improve in this area.

All parents try their best to help their children have all the tools they need to do well. Simply playing with their friends is showing them how to behave with others and this is necessary. So it’s critical that you form a positive perspective on everything to the extent possible. Kids are smarter than we all think, and they’re capable of making their way through most challenges.

Maintain a healthy and safe distance and just watch what your child does, and then offer some guidance. Would you want to have a career at a place of occupation where you were severely micro-managed?

Its very well known that some kids are doing things because it’s the parent who pushed them to do it. This may be a sport or other activity that the child may or may not like or have any aptitude for. If you’re pushing your son or daughter to take lessons or attend classes in certain activities just because you think it’s important, make sure he or she really shares this interest. All kids have certain interests and talents, but just because you loved hockey or ballet as a child doesn’t mean your child also will.

Don’t be the clueless parent who has some problems, and then you act them out in a way that impacts your children.

Your kids need to fall down, make mistakes, get their knees scraped and all that good life stuff. Now, this does not mean you allow your kid to fall out of the tree if you’re there watching. Doing their homework, a report or school project for them is a good example of this, and the whole point of such assignments is to teach kids important skills.

There’s just so many negative side effects when there are over parenting issues at play. So you’ll need to find a way to breakout from being that kind of parent. Be patient with yourself, and it’s a good idea to talk to someone if you feel that you need to do so. Just be sure that you give your child the best chance possible to grow up healthy and with good social skills.

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