All Fences are Not Created Equal: Renovating Your Home’s Fence

At the most fundamental level, there are not very many differences with fencing when you consider the core materials which are either wood or metal. Even fences made from the same material often will not appear to made from the same thing. The industry has completely changed the way it does business over the past decade or so. Even industrial businesses are not locked into any one kind of fence or material.

What You Can Expect with The Variety of Fences

As you can imagine, wood needs special attention just because it is wood, and this applies to fences made from it, too. Wood does have some weaknesses, and you have to apply a stain to it, or you at least you should as this will add an extra layer of defense. One of the more common pests are the ordinary termite, but you can find repellents that are both chemical and natural. The prime area for mold to form is where the posts enter the ground, but you can help reduce this by applying generous amounts of stain and keeping an eye on it.

The Traditional White Picket Fence

white picket fenceA more delicate fence design is that of the picket fence, and these are very much seen in old European cultures and in the US. These are the fences that are seen in all the old American movies and it’s true they were everywhere. Regardless of where you live, you should at least put it on the list of things to consider.

What with people opting for more modern materials and designs, it’s understandable why they may have lost some appeal. Just to make the fence last longer, you can get them with a vinyl coating, and remember there are other materials you can use in this fence if you like, as well.

Solid, Dependable Wood Fencing


traditional wood fencing
Traditional. Rugged. Wood Fence.

You can consider a wood fence, but you should know that you will have to spend more time with maintenance. With wooden fences, you will typically choose the height being either four feet or as high as six feet.

A solid stain will not only afford some degree of protection from the rain, snow, and ice (if applicable), but they can protect against termites. One of the appeals of wood is that it looks natural, and that only makes sense, but you will have to sacrifice a little there if you want to protect it.

If you’re feeling excited about getting a new fence, then you’ll really feel pumped when you see all the different kinds you can get.

Fence accessories are a whole new area and market, and they are worth exploring because you may find something you really like. It all depends on what you want, and you can create very lovely effects that smack of European influence.

chain link fence
Beware of these guys

Still some people will feel fine with the ease of a chain link fence, especially if it’s a rental property or vacation home.

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