The Next Recession is Here: Dow Drops 460 Points as Yield Curve Inverts for 1st Time Since 2007

Economic Indicators Say the Recession is Already Here

The Dow Jones bled 460 points today as the yield curve inverted for the first time since 2007. With Federal Express reporting missed earnings on what they report as a global economic slowdown and Ali Baba missing expectations along with PayPal for the 1st time in 3 years, it would seem that recession is already here.

Add this to the other telltale indicators that the economy is slowing- retail shutdowns, record corporate stock buybacks within companies to inflate stock share prices, a slowing housing market around the globe, all-time highs in personal, corporate, municipal, national, and world debt– and you’ve got the perfect financial storm on the horizon.

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The Federal Reserve Signals They Won’t Be Raising Rates Now or Any Time Soon

When you think of a strong economy, do you think of an economic environment where banks can’t even pay you a rate of interest for holding your money there that keeps up with real inflation? This is common sense to many, but don’t tell that to mainstream media.

The Federal Reserve had said it would continue to raise interest rates to normalize over the coming years, but 2018 showed exactly what happens whenever the government attempts to take the banking and financial sector out of a zero interest rate environment. The market tanks and the Dow Jones drops like it’s having a stroke. This was the case Christmas Eve of 2018, and what led Fed Chairman Powell to 100% about face on any interest rate hikes in the forseeable future.

The Next Recession is Here: Dow Drops 460 Points as Yield Curve Inverts for 1st Time Since 2007

Another horrible down day for the markets with the S&P 500 suffering the most declines just reminds everyone how fragile the stock market is. And now, the yield curve has inverted for the first time since 2007, which means long term treasuries now pay less than near term treasuries.

So why would anyone buy a 10-yr Treasury Bond if a 3-month bond paid you more? Exactly, you wouldn’t. And this is the biggest tried-and-true indicator of them all that a recession is already here, because the last time it happened in 2007, the housing market crashed followed by stocks. The same yield curve inversion happened before the 2000 recession and the 1989 recession as well.

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The Great Recession Never Ended

At this point, it doesn’t take a financial genius to see that the consumer is tapped out and unable to spend on credit like they were for the last 10 years of quantitative easing and other neat tricks the Federal Reserve employed in an attempt to drive the economy out of “The Great Recession”. What happened, in reality, is that the Fed inflated the bubble even larger, and instead of bailing out the economy, the government should have allowed natural market and economic forces to take their course.

Instead, we’re all waiting for the next great calamity that, this time, will not be fixed by simply printing more money, but may actually result in a total system change for the world reserve currency and monetary system.

No wonder the insiders, central banks, and countries around the world are buying up and hoarding gold at a record pace.

Watch what they do, not what they say.

Video: The ONLY Reason the Stock Market Went Up for the Past 3 months


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How to make your own hands-free dog leash + custom hands free dog leash giveaway

Are you a dog lover? Do you enjoy getting out in nature and hiking, trail walking, camping, or running with your dog?

Then this is definitely for you.

Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own hands free dog leash to help you and your furry friend on your next adventure.

And, because I realize not everyone wants to make their own hands free dog leash, I’m going to give away 25 custom made adjustable, hands free dog leashes from at 99% off with a special coupon code. So if you’re interested, for example if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, then this will cost you about 22 cents.

The Good Hound no pull hands free dog leash on Amazon

But before we make our hands free dog leash and do the giveaway, let’s get into the reasons why a hands free dog leash is an amazingly useful thing to have and use.

The Benefits of a Hands Free Dog Leash

1) Eliminates and prevents your dog from jerking on the leash suddenly and you dropping the leash and your dog running away, your dog running out in the street in traffic or running after a coyote in the woods.

2) It changes the center of gravity to your favor. When a hands free dog leash is attached at your waist via a belt or some type of securing mechanism, you gain a tremendous benefit by lowering your center of gravity and using your hips and your legs as a solid anchor to prevent your dog from pulling you or dragging your around. It’s really amazing to see how your dog automatically learns and adjusts to not getting to jerk you around spontaneously, and becomes a better on leash dog as a result.

3) Frees up your hands for other things like when you’re running errands, carrying in a bag of groceries, stepping out to pick up your mail, or even using your trekking poles when you’re out hiking and camping. Helps when having to go from your car to inside your apartment our house, or when you have to multi-task and put your focus on multiple things at one time. Like checking into a dog friendly hotel. Or if you want to go skateboarding and let your little buddy play the role of locomotive ­čÖé

4) It’s now easier and quicker to tie your dog up somewhere. For example, when you sit outside at the cafe or restaurant patio and can’t let your dog roam freely. Or if you’re at the campsite and need to secure your dog to the tailgate of your car while you unload your tent and sleeping bags.

Read more: Hands Free Dog Leash Review

Limitations of a Homemade or Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

A hands free dog leash is not the end-all be-all solution to all of life’s problems. But it’s a good start.

Still, it’s important to remember some safety tips when using any hands free dog leash, whether it’s a DIY homemade version or something you get off Amazon.

1) Homemade hands free dog leashes have no shock diffusion/absorption and are not usually auto-adjustable like the ones you can buy and the one I’m giving away today (practically free) at the end of this video today. This means that your dog is still going to be able to tug you a little and you’ll feel the effects, but it will be greatly lessened by the alteration of the balance of the center of gravity.

2) When you start using a hands free dog leash, you still have to be careful knowing your overall leash radius and switch back to hand control of the leash when:

a. walking your dog around blind corners

b. walking your dog near a street or intersection

c. walking near people and other dogs

Think of it like switching off cruise control when you’re driving and you approach traffic, or an airplane pilot switching off autopilot when flying through a storm. Remembering that you will still need to take manual control of the leash when distance is a factor will keep your dog safe and secure. Then when the coast is clear, you can go back to hands free mode.

How to make your own hands-free dog leash

I’m going to show you how to make your own hands free dog leash cheaply and quickly with a few options depending on what you’re working with already. And I’m going to show you my own variations and how I go hands free mode with my current homemade hands free dog leash depending on what I’m wearing.

First, all you need is the ability to secure the leash to your waist. I do this by attaching a carabiner used for hiking and rock climbing to the end of my normal everyday dog leash. Additionally, if you don’t have a carabiner or something similar, if your leash has a loop at the holding end, you can loop your belt through it. I recommend tying your homemade hands free dog leash to the left of your belt buckle, but that’s me. Try out and see what works best for you.

I then secure the carabiner to my Gerber Bear Grylls web belt and make sure my belt is on tight. Here’s why the Bear Grylls belt is so great. Aside from being very durable, easily washable, lightweight and heavy duty, it comes with this secret compartment where you can put things. Like, say, things that you don’t want other people to find. It also has this mirror so you can shine it a search and rescue plane and signal that you need help, or just more weed.

You can use any belt though, I suppose. I do not recommend tying straight to one of the belt loops in your pants should you not be wearing a belt that day, because a sudden jerk of the leash could result in your dog running off and now a shabby looking pair of jeans.

You can also use your drawstring in your athletic shorts, but be careful with this. Drawstrings are not usually so strong that they can resist a sudden full body tug from a German Shepherd, so your dog could still break the drawstring and run off. Most of the time, this does not happen, but it’s a scenario you have to be mentally prepared for, so just remember either to use a belt or be ready to go off hands free mode at the sight of a cat (if you’re dog is given to sudden fits of cat chasing like my dog is).

It’s pretty simple, but as long as you practice good leash training and safety with your dog, I think you will find many benefits from going hands free with your dog leash during play time with fido.

Custom hands free dog leash giveaway

For all the folks out there who don’t want to make their own DIY hands free dog leash, or want one that is adjustable, futuristic, no pull, retractable with reflective strips for higher visibility, which also comes with a FREE lightweight detachable doggie poop bag holder, then this is for you!

In order to get your own *Free (under 25 cents + shipping) hands free dog leash all you have to do is leave a comment saying where you live, how you plan to use the hands free dog leash, and leave a way for me to contact you to give you the coupon code for 99% off.

All I ask is that if you choose to get the hands free dog leash, that you actually get out there and use it, and then come back later and review it to let other people out there know if it’s legit or not. This helps other buyers make better buying decisions!

So drop a comment, get the code, get the leash, and leave an honest review. That’s it.

It really is that simple!


So in conclusion, today we had some laughs, we shared some stories, we exchanged smiles and maybe even desirable glances in each other’s general direction. We also learned how to make our own hands free dog leash and maybe even scored a custom made one for free-ish, in order to maximize our enjoyment and freedom with man’s best friend the next time we’re out walking, jogging, hiking, running, camping, jumping, drinking coffee or beer on the patio and using our dog to lure in chicks – You get the basic idea anyway.

Until next time, enjoy your hands free dog walking experience with all your furry friends. And don’t forget, the hands free dog leash also works on children and grandkids too.