Hard and Fast Investing in Cyclical Markets: Shorting the Dollar, Picking up Houses

I had the thought the other day to get into real estate with a declining dollar. Real estate is a hard asset and depending on the location, is unlikely to ever go down especially if it attracts wealthy foreign investors. They say that there’s never an economic collapse, but a transfer of wealth. Keeping that in mind, piling into cheap real estate is a way of shorting the US dollar.

Warren Buffett recommends that a business is the best investment you can make. Probably because it produces money and has intrinsic value! It’s what I believe in, and it creates jobs too, which America needs.

When it comes to stocks, Warren Buffett believes in holding stocks that have a long-term prospect for profits and success with the companies in which he invests. Makes sense and it’s a reason why he’s got billions.

Warren Buffett, Investor Genius