2018: Things To Come for Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

2018: Things To Come for Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

When trying to look into the future, it’s best to use the lens of history, according to Mike Maloney. Low volatility could be the quiet before the storm as reported by a Yale expert economist. In the last 20 years, the VIX volatility index for stocks has seen record lows in an extremely short period of time, in just the last 2 months.

Many people are speculating that the Federal Reserve and the government are actually shorting the VIX in order to keep the VIX price down. The VIX is a measure of how unstable the markets currently are, and allows traders to invest in another instrument though it can be identified as a warning signal as well.

The VIX tells the tale of how retail investors get slaughtered by the big guys on Wall Street

Because the VIX is showing such a lack of volatility, or at least it was until the end of January when the market dropped 3,000 points, that’s when most investors should be taking action in the opposite direction of the herd, according to Mike Maloney. The current streak of low volatility is a telling indicator that people should prepare for a market correction. Matched with a lack of market pullbacks and the P/E ratio of stocks hitting near all-time highs, the market is looking like less of a safe bet every day.

The fair value of a stock i.e. a reasonable price-to-earnings P/E ratio for a stock is 12 to 15 times revenue for the price of a share of stock.

We have not visited the undervalued area for stocks, not even close, yet.

Mike Maloney predicts that the Federal Reserve’s stimulus and artificial propping up of the stock market with zero % interest rates, the lowest in history, will ultimately become ineffective very soon, and the market will reverse to fair value.

So What is Undervalued? Cryptocurrencies and precious metals

At this time it will be very advantageous for anyone who has decided to get a 401k or gold ira rollover to protect their hard-earned wealth and retirement accounts.

401(k) and ira to gold rollover

SSDD: Attacking ISIS, Syria, and Iraq More Proof of a Failed & Bankrupt US Foreign Policy and a Precursor to Greater Dollar Devaluation

The United States of America has benefited from a high degree of leverage over the past seventy years. After emerging as the lone superpower after World War II, America has enjoyed an exceptional standard of living as it loaned the destroyed countries money to rebuild and suffered very few logistical or infrastructure losses at home. At the same time, the US acquired military bases abroad which increased its influence in international affairs and commerce.

Pricing oil in dollars has given special unstated permission to the government and banks to be loose with monetary policy and trading because no real consequences have materialized, even after a bank bailout and housing crash. The leverage of preeminence has been used and abused as long as it possible.

However, we are seeing this leverage quickly disappear in the western world’s way of controlling the value of assets, credit, un-pegged paper currency and stimulus coming to an end.

You would think that a bunch of crazy people in the Middle East would have zero effect on your or my daily life, and in reality, it’s true. The United States are not energy dependent upon the middle east, it merely maintains a relationship that has consistently produced profits both financially and politically across the board for elite and special interests at the expense of most Americans.

The whole concept of attacking ISIS, ISIL (or whatever the name of the group is this week), Syria, and performing airstrikes on Iraq continue a failed US foreign-policy based on imperialist intentions built on false pretenses. As the hundreds of billions of dollars sent to Afghanistan over the last 13 years has produced no results and many casualties as well as substantial United States federal debt, the continued military campaigns in the Middle East show not strength, but weakness.

Osama’s dead. Saddam’s Gone. Why do I care about the equivalent of a bunch of dumb angry mid east rednecks with some rifles and humvees (which they got from US bases or captured from rebels)?

I don’t care.

Here with the concerted effort in the press to paint ISIS as a real, credible threat we have business as usual even as Switzerland as a nation will vote to repatriate its gold this fall.

I would say that most Americans do not want continued war in the middle east, but I would soon be reminded that many Americans are too busy wrapped up in watching the NFL, playing fantasy football, and feasting on endless hours of television in what arrogant Hollywood executives have deemed “the Golden Age of television.”

And by that same logic, Americans are experiencing a Golden Age of culinary excellence based on the fact that many Americans are obese. Let’s not consider the fact that those same obese Americans are the ones watching endless hours of TV or the fact that the American food supply is highly tainted with genetically modified organisms, which many nations around the world have already banned, and have consequences of altering people’s metabolisms.

Yes, it’s true. We are living in a golden age, of bullshit.

I call bullshit.

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