Why a Good Night Sleep is Worth its Weight in Gold

Insomnia is what is commonly referred to as sleeplessness, it can be described as a sleeping disorder whereby an individual basically cannot fall asleep or be able to sleep for long periods of time. For some this might be a disorder but for others the sleeping disorder is usually caused by other factor.

Some of these factors include stress, and working through the night. Having adequate sleep for a number of hours is very important, because when you are not able to get it there are some devastating results. Here are some of the dangers of not getting enough sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Lowers the body’s immunity

When you have less sleep the body will most likely become weak in general and eventually the immune system will be compromised. Having adequate amount of sleep will boost the immunity making an individual less susceptible to any illness. A weak immune system basically means that the one can easily get sick. So to void getting sick often, get adequate rest and sleep.

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Sleep loss can lead to weight gain

Insomnia can be related to a person weight gain rapidly. Studies conducted indicate that people who sleep for the less than seven hours are at a greater chance of becoming obese. Weight is gained because people who have less sleep have low levels of leptin. The function of leptin is to ensure that your stomach feels full, so with minimal quantities of leptin one does not easily feel full and they eat a lot. Eating a lot will eventually lead to obesity. So it’s crucial that adequate sleep is attained frequently.

Lack of sleep disrupts your mental well being

One may become more irritable or very moody when they do lack sleep. A study done indicated that people who have emotional outbursts or are depressed usually sleep for less than six hours in a day. In a more serious case, people with insomnia become more depressed and end up suffering panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Being moody usually affects the relationship that one has with the outside world.

Sleeplessness reduces fertility and sex drive

For both men and women when they don’t have much sleep, their libido which can be described as a person’s sex drive, goes down tremendously. For men with decreased libido, the lower levels of testosterone certainly contribute to that. A woman can also become less viable to get a child once they are deprived of sleep. Lack of a proper sex drive or being fertile can create external pressure from your sexual partner and lead to breaking ups.

Sleep disorders can cause heart disease

When one has a sleeping disorder or insomnia, the functioning of a person’s heart can easily be overwhelmed. When one is deprived of sleep for a long time they can suffer various heart conditions including mild heart attacks. Other conditions associated with the cardiovascular system because of insomnia include; high blood pressure and inflammation of the heart. In more serious cases lack of sleep can cause heart failure and cause death.

With the realization that adequate sleep is vital not only for a person’s body but also the people surrounding them, it’s critical that one has about seven hours of uninterrupted sleep in order live a comfortable and healthy life.

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