3 Tips on Staying Fit and Active through Retirement (Without Even Trying)

New and Creative Strategies for Exercising

How often you exercise, as well as what you do, will determine how well you progress with better shape and health. The usual route for most is doing their own thing alone or with a friend, but of course you can always be a little social and join a gym. One of the most important things to keep in mind is you need to get moving in the right way. Open up your mind and realize that you can reach fitness goals in a number of approaches. Just as long as you decide on something that you actually look forward to doing each day.

On your mark. Get set, clean!

If you tend to sit a lot at home, then take a break and get up and do some speed cleaning. All you need to do is make sure you only do it for a set amount of time. It is important that you go all out in the short amount of time that you have established. Try to take at least two rooms and get them completely clean and clutter free. The running around dusting, wiping down and putting things where they belong gets your heart pumping and can work your arms and legs at the same time.

Take a hike. By hike I mean take the stairs!

Take every opportunity to take the stairs, and then you can even walk up and down on your toes. You will notice your thigh muscles getting firmer when you use the stairs a lot. If you live in an apartment building or work on an upper floor in an office building, take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll get more of a work out without having to spend lots of tedious hours on a stair climbing machine at the gym.

Keep moving.

Move around while you talk on the phone – but you don’t want to do anything that will result in heavy breathing because the person you’re talking to might get worried. Another habit to acquire is to go out and walk anytime you are on the phone. There are lots of ways to be active without it winding you or interfering. This is perfect if you get a lot of calls at home or you make them.

Your quality of life will be much improved if you take the time to work out and get in shape. The thing about life today is that we are all so pressed for time in one way or another. You can do traditional exercises or do the creative types that we talked about. Once you develop the habit of what we talked about here, then you will likely start doing more.

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