Should You Rent or Buy Your Motor Home or RV?

Have you ever thought about just how nice it might be to own your own motor home? Being the owner of one could allow you the possibility to make a fun cross country trip. If you have contemplated purchasing a motor home, but have never really taken a trip in one before, it’s something you should try first. It’s almost certainly a good idea to locate a place that will let you rent a motor home so that you can get some experience and determine if buying one is right for you.

Home sweet motor home or home sweet motor apartment?
Home sweet motor home or home sweet motor apartment?

Should You Rent Or Purchase A Motor Home?

How often have you been excited to take action, and once you did it, swore you would never do it again? You are going to find people who can’t get enough of their motor home while other people could not believe they made such a big purchase. If perhaps we have been interested in something, we never thought of hiring it out to see if that’s what we really want.

common case in point is many people would buy an expensive tool to do one or two tasks instead of finding a place to rent it out. Before you contemplate buying a motor home, rent one first, mainly because it might end up a better option. A recreational vehicle is a big expense so you want to make sure that it’s something you really want.

You may be asking yourself just where you could rent a motor home for your great American RV trip? Unless you reside nearby a big city, you might have to go a ways to rent what you want, but that still might be cheaper in the long run. To find places that rent motor homes, you’ll be able to use the internet and search the internet or look through your local phone book. An easy way to find out is to drive down where they sell motorhomes in your locality, and ask them. It is possible that they rent motor homes as well and if not they can recommend a place.

Of course, if you need a unique trip idea in the future and want to do something a little exciting or different, you could always rent an RV in Canada and drive across Canada as well.

What’s the resell value on an RV or motor home anyway?

Selling a recreational vehicle can be difficult as it is a luxury item so you will find many dealers offering rentals to customers as well. Tell them you are thinking about buying, but you want to find out what it is like first. Check with the folks you know if they have ever rented a motor home, because a person you know has rented a motor home or knows someone who has. Another good option would be to visit your local camp site to determine if there are any motor homes there. There could be people who definitely are renting their motor home and can give you information on who to contact.

As opposed to basically diving in head first, you want to do some calculating to see if it is worth it. If you know that you’ll be using it a lot, buying a motor home is worth the investment. If you only propose to use it once in awhile, you may be better off renting. When you make a decision to travel cross country, you will be able to know for sure if buying or renting a motor home is good or maybe just getting in your car and staying at motels.

Best RV’s under 30 feet


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Why Starting a Garden Could be the Best and Most Fun Investment You Make as a Retired Person

start a vegetable garden
Gardening is downright fun and eating something you grew yourself is a very rewarding experience.

How To Start A Vegetable Garden Of Your Very Own

No matter what type of vegetable garden you want to grow, you should start one whenever you can. Vegetable gardens can actually help with the cost of food, especially if you have a large family. Exercising can sometimes be very boring, however, if you start a garden, you can become fit while you tend to your garden outside.

Infestations are very common in gardens, and you need to do what you can to protect her vegetable garden from these foreign invaders. Whether it is an insect, a deer, or some other invader coming into your garden, you must keep your garden safe from these animals and insects. Although you cannot protect your garden from insects by putting up a fence, it will keep out most of the medium to large sized animals from going in. Another use for a fence is to grow beans and peas on it using it for support.

Map Out Your Garden on Paper First


Getting a veggie garden going, especially if you lack years of experience, may be problematic at best. You need to know exactly what you want to grow before you begin. You might want to write down the vegetables that you want to grow and then figure out where they will be grown in the garden itself. This isn’t as much effort as it may sound like. Some people will simply write out what their garden will look like on a piece of paper, which they can reference later.

Pick the right plants for your area’s amount of sunlight. For extra sunlight consider using homemade reflectors which you can create using boards for science fair projects covered in aluminum foil. Even reflecting the light up towards the plants will increase light. I’ve done this growing plants both indoors hydroponically and outside with limited light gardens. It works!

So before you begin your garden, write your plan down that will cover every aspect of your vegetables and what you’ll do with them. Once you have it figured out exactly what you want, gather the supplies, and get ready to get started on your vegetable garden.

Keep Water in Mind for Your New Veggie Garden Plants


Water is one of the most vital elements that any garden needs, and you want to make sure that you don’t either under or over-water your vegetables. An example of this is watering just enough based upon the type of soil you are using. Sandy soil, for example, does not absorb water very well, while clay soil is very good at retaining water. The morning is definitely the best time to water your garden simply because plants absorb water better at this time. Most of the time, you will be able to find someone that can help you with your garden, you can share with you which types of vegetables require the most water and what type of soil you are working with.

If you finally decide to have a garden, don’t wait! You have nothing to worry about – just go ahead and do it! If nutrition is important to you, as well as eating fresh vegetables every day, you should definitely start a garden. It takes a few years to get really good, but after that, you will be a gardener that knows what they are doing.

Choose the right personal finance software to automate and centralize all your transactions and balances into one easy interface

quicken portfolio personal finance software interface

People who start using personal finance software are often surprised at how easy to use it is, and how it helps them keep track of their household budget. You want a software that will do everything you need it to do so be on the lookout for this since some are definitely better than others.

You will find that you can choose between a simple program or a more advanced option, software that can be downloaded or even web based as well as programs that track only your investments. We will help you here in this article with some hints for finding the best personal finance software for your needs.

Personal Finance Software – Which One is the Greatest

When you choose personal finance software, you have to make sure you’re getting something that has all the features you require. The user friendliness of a software is equally as important. Your familiarity with financial programs and other technology will determine how advanced your personal finance software should be. If you determine you need something that is user friendly, then the best way to determine this is to read the user reviews at the end of the day, your software will only be beneficial to you if you can get it to work.

Get a Personal Finance App for Your Smartphone, iPhone or Android Device

Personal Assistant Premium is not a computer program but a mobile app that works with iPhones and iPod Touch. This is a rather robust app that makes it possible for you to monitor every one of your financial transactions, for example credit cards, investment portfolios, bank accounts, bills and more. For an application that is sold at $6.99, it offers you quite a bit of information.

In addition there is a free version, although it is not advised if you are managing financial information that you want to keep guarded. The version that you have to pay for lets you have a password in order to maintain confidentiality, while the free version does not. If you mislay your phone, the account can be briefly deactivated in order to protect your security.

Gnu Cash is a free alternative in an open source platform which can of course be used for personal accounting as well as business accounting. Small businesses can use this platform for keeping track of projects and customers.

quicken home and business-Don’t let the business features dissuade you, this program is also setup to manage the personal budget too. This program is compatible with Microsoft Money as well as Quicken allowing you to import data into Gnu Cash from other programs.

While this program has many useful features and has the advantage of being free, it may not be suitable if you’re looking for something simple that you can use right out of the box. Many have found that it does take some time to learn how to use all of the available features of the GnuCash product.

Choosing the Best Personal Finance Software is a Matter of Choice

In the end there are bound to be one of the many software options available that fits your personal needs. You can choose the software with the right features, if you determine what features you need it to be. In this article we have hoped to bring to you enough information to help you find the right personal finance software. Once you choose a program be sure to get it up and running quickly so you can enjoy the added benefits of tracking your finances in one central dashboard.

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But Who Will Build the Roads? A Salute to General & President Eisenhower

We need roads, but recently America had a budget shortfall for roads even while increasing aid to Afghanistan by several billions of dollars.

As a military veteran I want to say first of all that the reason many military bases are kept open are not for national security reasons, in fact the Pentagon regularly requests to shut military bases down and the requests are denied by the Congressmen and women whose districts they represent. These are politicians who would stand to lose a lot of votes if their constituents which comprise a civilian workforce dependent upon the very existence of the military itself suddenly found themselves without a job.

So it’s not some liberal argument vs conservative argument, it’s a matter of money and votes. Strangely enough the US military budget still rests around $600 billion/yr, 4 times the size of China’s (China only recently started spending this much) and the US wars are funded under a different budget entirely. You’ll notice the price of gold has steadily increased with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is the undeniable, unavoidable cost of inflation due to deficit spending and money printing.

dwight eisenhower who will build the roads
A 5-Star General and President that Realized the Power of Good Roads

My idea is why not employ all those military people in a vital renovation of American infrastructure? Surely America needs it. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, once a 5-star general of the army, knew the value of good American roads, having made cross-country trips when there was only a single transcontinental American road available, and having seen the autobahn in World War II, he realized the Germans had created a very efficient road system which he would later apply in the Federal Highway Act of 1956.

No matter whether it’s the state or federal government building the roads, you can almost guarantee there will be a certain amount of waste, fraud and abuse involved. Hopefully, it will be zero to minimal. I think Ike demonstrated however that the federal government could indeed use public funds for a good use, and today’s federal interstate highway system is a credit to a nation and a General that in his farewell address as President warned us of a potential military industrial complex that could potentially become a parasite to this country’s true prosperity and mission.

General and President Eisenhower. Smart guy.

Avoiding Dentures and Costly Dental Implants: Preparing for a Good Retired Set of Teeth

Oral care and hygiene marketing is, we believe, a big reason our teeth have so many problems and the reason we believe so many falsehoods about what to do to stay healthy. When you think about all of the oral care commercials you see on television do you notice that most of them are about getting your teeth completely white? Another typical marketing technique is to tell people that all of the bacteria in a person’s mouth is bad. You will see, by reading this article, that marketing will often lead you down a bad path so you need to learn the real truth about properly caring for your teeth and gums.

Don’t Be Scared of Germs

Some believe that they have to completely sterilize their mouths if they want to practice proper gum and tooth care. This is 100% false and if you use some products for too long, they can cause a bunch of other problems. Your mouth has both desirable and undesirable bacteria in it–the desirable bacteria has an important role to play. You start the digestive process of your food when you chew your food. Brushing your teeth twice a day is important but don’t use a mouth wash that is too strong or harsh. If you are a sufferer of bad breath or halitosis, this is an obvious sign of other problems. Make sure you mention the problem to your dentist and let them tell you how to fix it.

The real standard recommendation for flossing these days is to use the kind that is not wax coated. There are, however, some advantages to using waxed floss especially if you have very little space. Wax coating, though (it can be argued), increases the diameter of the floss. You can also buy wax that has a smaller diameter if you’d like to have thinner wax for between your teeth. As with all of the other things, you might want to try out a few selections to figure out which kind works the best for you. Also, flossing in a harsh manner can cause quite a lot of damage.

Whiter Does Not Mean Brighter

There are many countries that are obsessed with having absolutely white teeth. First of all, 100% white teeth aren’t actually normal or natural. The fact–that is backed up by qualified dentists–is that white teeth is nothing more than marketing. You should also realize there are dangers to using tooth whitening products. The primary ingredient used in these products is hydrogen peroxide which is, basically, just bleach. Each time you use it you are chemically attacking the natural dentin or enamel covering on your teeth. This means that you need to take care that you don’t cause sensitivity or make yourself prone to tooth decay a dentist will have to remove.

Dental Group Technology Advancements

We are fortunate in that teeth care technology has come as far as it has in the past ten years or so. Once in a while you will find out about new breakthroughs with oral care products. All Western countries have high level investigation and research activities designed to improve our dental industry. Most of the time cavities are from poor oral hygiene and eating too much sugars, etc.

How to make extra money after you retire without becoming a greeter at Wal Mart

Making some extra cash is something which a lot of folks need to do these days just to get by even after they retire, and of course there are multiple ways that this can be carried out. A lot of men and women wind up turning to the Internet simply because they have heard that this can be an excellent way to start earning some extra cash or even making more than they do with their current job.

wal mart greeter job for retirees
It could always be a lot worse than hanging out at Wal Mart and smiling and joking all day, but if you’d rather be fishing or travelling, Sam Walton will just have to hire another retiree.

With regards to making money online with a new business you are going to discover that a lot of individuals want to do this but do not know how to start. The simple truth is that there are a few different ways you can start making cash on the net. So don’t fill out an application to be a greeter at Wal Mart just yet.

How to Make Money in Retirement Without Getting a Job

First of all, find your passion. It’s what you’re most likely to be an expert in, though not always.

A thing that is very popular with folks is producing their own products, and you’re going to realize that you could sell your product directly through the Internet by establishing your own website. There are plenty of people that do not want to try this approach simply because they do not feel that building a web site is something they are able to do, but this process has become rather simple with the different software’s available to help you.

In relation to putting an internet site online you are going to need a hosting account to host your website, and you are going to find that the majority of these hosting accounts are also going to provide you with free software for building a site. This is a good option for people that make their own products or are looking to offer their own E-book or digital products, because it is now easier than ever to build your own internet site.

There are loads of people these days who have made a good amount of money using the Internet by focusing on marketing and advertising affiliate products. When it comes to affiliate marketing and advertising you’re going to discover that you are going to not need a product of your own simply because you are going to make commissions for selling other people’s products to folks.

You’re going to discover that there are a multitude of different ways you can use to advertise these affiliate products, and in many cases you will not even need your own site. One of the best ways to begin marketing affiliate products is to create your own blog, and you are going to find that you’ll need a hosting account and a web site in order to do this. For individuals who decide that you want to set up your own website, something you ought to comprehend about this is you should never have to pay more than about $10.00 a month in order to get hosting for your website.

Then there’s blogging, and if you do it enough you can eventually sell ad space or a product.

Another popular way to make money is by becoming an author and selling a book on I would recommend this for the professional who has a lot of insight to share into their careers that could help the next generation.

For instance, with me I started doing internet marketing right after graduating college when I couldn’t get a great job in early 2009. I’ve steadily worked at it and now produce an independent income from internet marketing. It consists of doing YouTube video, helping sell more products for companies, affiliate marketing, and helping offline local businesses get more leads like LA dentists like I do for, yoga studios, small mom and pop shops, and even marketing agencies.

You are going to see that the Internet is loaded with different ways that folks can use to earn an income, but the 4 methods we pointed out above are the most popular at this point in time. For people who might be looking for other techniques to be able to earn a living on the internet you will discover that using one of the various search engines, will be able to provide you with more options.

Of course, if you’re just sitting on money during retirement and want to invest on your own


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The Best Financial Advisors in Beverly Hills, CA if You Believe Yelp (and I do)

Yelp is a fine resource for today’s consumer in making choices for products and professional services so it’s no surprise that my go-to source of info for choosing a financial advisor would be Yelp. I myself leave positive and negative reviews on Yelp for businesses, but usually only if it was a truly remarkable experience good or bad.

Beverly Hills has a median income of around $97,000.00, the 37th wealthiest in the nation. With the uncertain future of the markets and the US dollar (ok so I’m certain about the future of the US dollar anyway), the rich and famous of Beverly Hills would do well to start thinking about the next 30 years and what it will mean for one’s savings as an American if they don’t plan ahead.

Not everyone is going straight to the plastic surgeon when they retire or to get a new set of dental implants by one of the many celebrity Beverly Hills dentists that make seniors look like movie stars. Many people are looking to roll over their 401k(s) or evaluate their assets and expenditures before moving forward on their bucket lists.

The best financial advisors in Beverly Hills

The highest ranking financial advisor on Yelp for Beverly Hills is Samuel Rad. From Financial Coaching to Radio appearances, he does it all. But perhaps what he does best is what’s most important, and that’s making people feel empowered about their financial futures.  I have not read a single negative review on Yelp for him and several of the reviews are from people who would recommend Mr. Rad to their friends.

*highlight: Sam Rad will meet you on a Saturday to talk finances when you’re available, and 17 5-star reviews and zero negative reviews holds a lot of weight in my book

The #2 guy on Yelp for financial advisors is Mathew Watt. With 10 5-star reviews and zero negative reviews, his client comments read similarly to Sam Rad’s. He is known for his professionalism and trustworthiness and that he is not trying to just sell you something, though I’m sure he wouldn’t turn your money away in helping you make a good decision that secured your financial future in these uncertain times.

Hits and Misses: My Investing History, Career Wins and Losses + Scams

super cool guy investing stories
I feel good right now. I must have just eaten a giant plate of bacon and made some money off the markets.

Every investor has their victories and their defeats. It’s part of the process of learning. Still it doesn’t make it any easier divulging that kind of information to people, but since I’m a huge, shameless public discloser, I’ll go ahead and clear the air first.

It’s a good practice to consider your past investing decisions and trades, what influnced your decision making process at the time, and whether you can replicate that or somehow use what you learned to make future gains in a different opportunity.

I’m not a technical trader either, so if you’re looking for algorithms, let me save you some time right now. Slowly put down the graphing calculator and put your hands where I can see them.

My Epic Trading History


epic bacon and trading, does it get any better?
This picture of bacon was brought to you by my unconscious

Ok it’s not that epic. And it’s not bacon. I just like that picture of bacon and it says epic. And I’m hungry right now too.

My trading history, while not epic, is still really cool though and I learned a lot. You might even be able to relate to it or learn from it.


I started in 2004 by opening a Sharebuilder account and buying some stocks that I heard about on the news. I immediately purchased Google stocks when they went public after seeing a CBS report on the company. They seemed legitimate, they had a good use and function to move society forward with cutting edge technology and they seemed to take great care of their employees.

I got ancy 3 months later and sold. STUPID stupid stupid. I kick myself to this day for that decision, it’s how I stretch out before workouts now. For anyone not immediately familiar with Google’s stock price, let’s just say it’s exploded into the stratosphere since becoming a publicly traded company.

I eventually purchased some energy stocks after seeing George W. Bush talk about how awesome coal was. Obviously if George W Bush says something, it must automatically be true. Jokes aside, I read an article in an online investment publication that highlighted the reason for coal’s short term projected increase, so I bought and held Peabody Energy and Transocean. They went up and I made some money. I was up in the game.

In 2005 I got out of the Navy and continued investing. I put part of my savings into T. Rowe Price and let them invest in bonds and emerging markets. I made a small but positive return and would rate the experience as positive. I’d recommend them.

I saw a video on the internet some time later for investing in metals with GBT or Global Bullion Trading Group. I was hungry to diversify and try palladium which if I’m not mistaken was either fairly new at the time as a financial instrument or they were discovering new technologies for its use, but then again that might have all been part of the con, because Global Bullion “lost” about 35% of my account- but only before asking me for more money to somehow help pull the initial investment out of its downward spiral.

None of it made sense, I’d been keeping an eye on the price of palladium and it had actually gone up, so how was I losing money? I decided to pull my funds out and the guys there were extremely rude about it.

doj victim identification system for investment fraud
Thanks for catching the investment scammers FBI! Now if you could just get me my money back, drinks are on me.

Global Bullion Trading Group is now serving time in a US Federal Prison for fraud and running an investment scam. I was contacted 8 years later by the FBI. Three members of the group entered a plea, and the head of the group was found guilty at trial.

It renewed my faith in our federal law enforcement. I was still up in the game overall though, and had actually purchased a certificate of deposit along the way which gave me a small return, as well as lots of American bonds, which I later cashed out towards the end of college because the GI Bill did not cover all college expenses until 2009 after Congress passed the Post-911 GI Bill.

In 2008 I invested in a San Antonio based mutual fund (stock ticker GROW) and sold all my shares one day when my gas pump total mysteriously matched the exact numerical value of my trading account (give or take a few decimal places). I have always had investor intuition or superstition, depending on how you look at it. I sold all my shares for profit and not long after their price dropped completely to the floor as they were one of the hardest hit by the economic downturn.

In the summer of 2008 I made one of the biggest and stupidest mistakes of my investment journey thus far. I started trading Forex. Some guys may make money on Forex, but not many and I was not one of the guys who made money. My story is both hilarious and pathetic.

My first real live trade in Forex resulted in a $500 profit in about 2 minutes.

I was convinced I was a Forex genius. After all, I heard the Farms and Payroll reports come out and so I put all my money on the guess that a certain financial instrument would move a certain way, and I lucked out. That was it. Everything after that was straight down, a slow, long, painful and agonizing death, followed even by a refill in funds, followed by another decrease, and finally- my willpower saying enough was enough. Overall I lost $2000 that summer. Not fun when you’re in college or anytime really.

Lifetime at this point I’m still up in my investment record, even with these losses.

swine flu ballerinas
Every parent in China dreams of saving enough money to send their kid to the finest ninja ballerina school possible.

In 2009 I hit the big time. After reading an internet news article I invested my entire life savings in Chinese swine flu vaccine stock. The next week it went up about 60% in share price.

After a few months of the share price backing off the initial 60% gain a little, I decided the swine flu scare was mostly hype, and actually I guessed it was both highly speculative, fear-based, and an effort to sell more vaccine itself. I sold all shares.

Shortly thereafter, the price of the shares in that Swine flu stock dropped and drastically returned to original levels. I got out with a nice profit. I even profited in my portfolio that year according to my accountant and she said none of her other clients did that year and they made substantially more regular income than I did.

I took a break from investing until 2011, when I took a ride with Silver. From everything I heard, it made sense to invest in Silver. All the conditions were perfect and it was being touted as the next big thing. I got in pretty early, but I suspected it was being overvalued, and got out right before it tumbled back down to original levels as well. I was up with Silver.

My final investing story is the worst of all. I bought an instructional program about trading stocks from a company called Clickbank, which was publishing a product by a person named John Bell. I somehow found John Bell’s product online and decided to buy it. I learned some useful things about trading based on stock value and fundamentals.

Because John Bell had my email address from my initial transaction, he continued to market to me, along with the rest of his email list. Not long after purchasing the trading product, which was quite valuable, I started receiving emails about a company on the ground floor which was quietly making big moves. It was an organic coffee company by the stock ticker of JAMN.OB. It was one of Bob Marley’s decsendents, the coffee was made on a sustainable coffee farm by workers paid decently, or so the video said.

To make a long story short, the information was revealed in a way that was clever sales copy, but because I figured I’d missed the boat on Google with their warm fuzzy political mission and humane employment treatment, I’d buy this stock. It also happened to be only a dollar a share.

What started as what I perceived to be a good investment tip eventually resulted in a pump and dump stock market scam. This is when a lot of people buy stock, the share price rises attracting more investors. Then once stock market share price has gone way up, the initial buyers sell all their shares, profit ridiculously, and the stock share price then plunges.

I was really devastated because this was all orchestrated by someone who provided legitimate, useful trading information, gained my trust and professional respect, and then used my email to market a stock with no real value in a pump and dump scam.

Overall I’m up with my investing and profiting. I’ve learned a lot in the last 10 years. These days I invest money into my business. I believe having a business is a lot like having a baby, or an invisible friend. It gives your life purpose and it’s potentially more profitable than just buying stocks, plus it gives you the chance to get paid to do that which you’re passionate about.

Good luck and make good decisions in investing (both your time and money)! 🙂


Getting Unstuck as an Investor: Eliminating Your Own Confirmation Bias

confirmation bias in investing and political psychology
Through confirmation bias I have unconsciously trained myself to pose like this in pictures

Confirmation bias is a self deceptive trick of the ego which influences a person’s judgment, where the person usually denies all available, pertinent information about reality in order to support an initially held viewpoint. Even if the initially held viewpoint can no longer be supported rationally at the present time.

“It could never happen here, and it could never happened to me.”

For anyone curious about the direction of the United States economy and currency, I they are welcome to take a look at my personal research on long-term US economic prospects found on the homepage of this website.

For now though I want to talk about a phenomenon in psychology and communication as confirmation bias.

Why You Should Eliminate Confirmation Bias from Your Investor Psyche


Enron’s Demise

Many people know about the Houston Texas based oil company Enron and how it fell at the turn of the 21st-century. Anyone who has seen the excellent documentary “The Smartest Guys in the Room” will tell you that even as Enron starting to suffer major problems and begin its massive descent, its highest ranking organizational members were still encouraging the purchase of company stock while they were selling their own shares. To their own employees. Not just unwitting members of the general public.

And of course they were doing this to get more capital for their dying company to buy them time so that they could gradually liquidate their shares. And how did it all end? A suicide, a death, and a lot of out-of-work broke people with no job and no retirement.

Before my dad retired he used to work for Texaco-Chevron in downtown Houston and he painted a very vivid picture to me about the day when Enron went completely belly up. He told me that Enron employees for the last five years had usually been the most arrogant a holes on the commuter bus to and from the park-and-ride, but that day when they all lost their jobs, they were anything but arrogant.

Hanging on to a bad trade: We’ve all been there

Often time as investors, and as poker players, we may have a tendency to try to just hang on and ride it out. Things always worked in the past, and it was never really a problem so why would it be a problem moving forward?

Tell that to the people who failed to evacuate the Louisiana Gulf Coast region during a force five hurricane. Tell that to British Petroleum, which for all we know created considerable ecological damage in the Gulf of Mexico when their faulty rigs failed. Tell that to Ben Bernanke, who publicly testified only a year before the housing market started to collapse that he foresaw only continued growth in the short, medium and long term.

Tell that to my college professors who, in their own words, would have to work an extra 10 years instead of retiring, and a big reason is because they failed to diversify their investments, retirement accounts and 401(k)s prior to the stock market crash in late 2008. If they would have held a significant position in gold, they may have actually profited during the housing market collapse and the financial markets took a dive.

It pays to be smart. Life is all about surviving the variance. It is not the strongest nor the fastest that survive, it is those who are most adaptable to change.

Plan ahead my friends!

Don’t waste your retirement counting your money all day. Go outside and enjoy life!

For many Americans, the economic downturn has meant having to work more years than they would’ve liked. For even more Americans moving forward, it will mean having to seek part-time employment in order to supplement their retirement income.

If you are one of the people smart enough, lucky enough, and wealthy enough to actually enjoy your retirement, I have a few suggestions for you which I think you will find most helpful:

Don’t be that investor guy.

Now that you don’t have to go to work anymore or show up to an office, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is turn on the TV to CNN Money or FOXNews Business, open up your trading accounts and sit there and watch share prices move a little each day. Sometimes up, sometimes down. But always moving, slightly.

It is a kind of time wasting and distraction which inevitably does not result in any more or less gains then had you say, just enjoyed the day. If you have all of your financial ducks in a row, the entire point of retiring should be to do what you love and to enjoy life to the max.

Sitting around looking at your trading account or your investment portfolio all day is just going to result in increased boredom, not more excitement.

1. If you must check all your accounts on a regular basis, I would suggest doing so only once a week and no more. Remember, you are not a daytrader. There is no reason why you need to keep looking at your investments and seeing how much they are worth.

2. When you do check your investments, do so for only 30 minutes, and then leave it at that until the next week (or month) when you feel the need to check again.

If you planned out your investment portfolio appropriately and made sure to hedge risk, then this should only be a logical solution. Often times because I work from home I find myself wasting time sitting in front of a computer doing nothing, and that’s what I’m trying to save you from.

So remember, life is much more than your portfolio even after retirement has begun. It’s time to get out there and live life and enjoy it while you still have your health and can!