Getting More Sleep Means Living Longer and Feeling Better

How to Get the Sleep That You Need

Lots of people have a hard time falling and staying asleep each night. One approach to this is to get used to getting by on only a few hours sleep. Yet, as modern research has shown, it’s simply not healthy for the body or mind to function without enough rest. The good news is that you do not have to simply learn how to function on very little sleep. Sleeping well does not come easily to everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you. Consider the following methods, and put them to good use and you should start to sleep better.

One of the most important things you should do if you want to increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep is to develop a bedtime routine. You need to pick a time to go to bed that will be the same every night, along with all the other little things you will need to do. Train your body every day by doing things, such as changing into PJs, washing your face, brushing your teeth, etc. at the same time. As soon as your body associates all of these activities with sleeping, things will get better.

Stop staring at the clock

When this starts to happen, you won’t even need to look at a clock, your body will just get tired and be ready for sleep. You can also use the routine to induce tiredness because your body and brain will associate the routine with sleep.

Many herbal teas can make it easier to sleep. One herb that makes an excellent tea is chamomile, and this is very easy to find. Another herbal tea that helps is Valerian tea. Celestial Seasonings and other brands make herbal formula teas for different purposes, including one to help you sleep. Sleepytime is the name of the blend made by Celestial Seasonings. Warm tea, as long as it doesn’t have caffeine, is relaxing all by itself, and many herbs have qualities that help induce relaxation.

Pills won’t help you sleep better

Don’t be tempted by over-the-counter products to help you sleep. If your insomnia is so serious that you need immediate help, you should see a physician. Over the counter sleep aids might help you for a few nights but they can be incredibly habit forming. Your body will start to rely on this medication to sleep, which means if you try to stop, your insomnia will be even worse than before. They change the chemical makeup in your brain. Before taking something potentially dangerous or habit forming, try gentler approaches like herbal teas, tinctures and other natural sleep remedies -though you want to make sure any of these are safe as well.

Exercise every day helps you sleep better

As long as you are willing to try certain things, the possibilities of getting to sleep each night will increase for you. Taking medication should be the last resort option for sleeping, after trying such things as making the room dark or colder, and also having a bedtime routine. As long as you are willing to try things, getting to sleep at night can happen. To find what is the best solution for you will require running various test.

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