Global Economic Recession Delayed Again by a Few Brave Central Bankers (sarcasm)

Brave Federal Reserve Chairman Powell Saves the Day

Hopefully you can see right off the bat that I’m kidding. Sadly, central banks around the world are all engaging in more manipulation of the currency markets and the economy in lockstep, moving into the next stage of the current financial meltdown, joined this week by Singapore.

The difference this time? Well, for starters, they’re not calling it quantitative easing, because they’ve used the term enough already. Nope, now they are just injecting billions into the overnight repo market (a fancy name for overnight loans in massive amounts for large corporations and moneyed institutions) with a promise to continue well into the latter part of 2020.

What does this mean for you and me?

The stock market may stay relatively high in nominal terms, but not real terms. The fact is, unless you’ve sold your stocks or cashed out your IRA or 401k, you haven’t made anything. It’s only gains on paper, just like in 2007-2008.

The global consumer is spending less and taking in more debt in the many bubbles we have on our hands at this point- student loans, private debt, corporate debt, municipal and government debt, mortgage debt, and now treasury bonds.

No one knows what’s going to prick any one of the bubbles and cause the stock market to correct to 50% of its current value, but one thing’s for sure- it will happen eventually, sooner or later.

Do Something About Your IRA or 401k While You Still Can

A Gold IRA:

*Can protect you from the devaluation of the dollar due to un-payable US national debt
*Enables you to make money even as stock markets decline, drop in price, or even crash
*Let’s you retain all the same tax benefits of a traditional IRA or 401k

When the Recession is officially announced, it will likely already be too late to save your retirement and investments. And a Depression will likely not be announced.

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IRA and 401k Rollover to Gold

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