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Regal Assets Reviews: My #1 Gold IRA Rollover and Gold Investment Company

regal assets reviewsYou realize the tax benefits and long-term stability of a Gold IRA. Now it’s time to find the #1 Company worthy of your business.

In addition to all the top professional industry ratings, let’s get down to how a Gold IRA with Regal Assets has performed over time.

regal assets ira performance 2001 to 2013

1. The return on investment has been astronomical and the customer service is first class. Because minimum investment amount is at least $5k, Regal Assets is freed up to deliver a top rate, exemplary customer experience to its clients.

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It’s like the difference between getting a New York Strip steak at the Sizzler or a Zagat rated Prime Steakhouse.

rollover to gold ira fastest delivery and processing time2. Regal Assets account opening and delivery times are the fastest in the business so you can get the current price of gold locked in asap before it goes up again.

3. Regal Asset’s fees are the lowest of all gold 401(k) rollover and IRA companies (the first year’s fees and all account opening fees are waived which equals a $700 total savings).

Gold storage is not commingled, your account stored separately and uniquely.Gold storage is not commingled, it is stored separately.

4. Regal Assets separates physical gold storage for all accounts at Brinks or they ship directly to you according to your preferences.

5. Regal Assets has the least number of complaints and most 5 Star reviews.

Plus, in the very beginning they ship you a free gold investing kit which you can get from here which answered my most important questions right off the bat and saved me a lot of time doing my research in finding the best gold company.

Here’s where you can talk to a real person from Regal Assets to answer any questions you may still have about rolling over a TSP, Annuity, 401(k) or existing IRA into a Gold IRA: 1 (844) 912-1706.

401(k) and ira to gold rollover


Leading Professional Ratings for Regal Assets

regal assets #1 gold ira company

Regal’s also the only precious metals business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and holds a AAA rating with the BCA Business Consumer Alliance while having only a single complaint (which was resolved). They’re even about to hit 900 5-Star reviews on Trustlink and they were rated in the top 20 financial companies by Inc. 500. Regal Assets has been featured in the following industry publications:

regal assets featured in forbes and market watch

As an investor I’ve made some great investments and I’ve also been scammed a few times, so I know what to look for. In 2005 I invested in Palladium and unknowingly became one of many victims in a Federal Court Case involving a Florida company called Global Bullion Trading Group headed by Arthur Schlect, whose members are all in a US Federal Prison right now.

Regal Assets are the real deal when it comes to precious metal retirement accounts and in addition to their numerous positive client reviews and accolades, on a personal note, I actually used to live and work down the street from them in lovely Burbank, CA. So call it weird, but I feel a physical real-life connection to them and they’re a local California company, and I believe strongly in supporting local business and Americans.

(Click here to visit their site)


What Separates Regal Assets from Other Gold Companies

They’re not pushy, at all. They educate you and leave the decision to you because ultimately, it’s yours to make.

regal assets gold ira reviewThere is no used car salesman approach. Your money is yours, and they won’t be selling you over-priced collector’s coins with huge margin-killing markups or telling you that you should put your entire savings and portfolio into gold.

Ultimately I like to talk to an actual human being when considering a decision of this magnitude so I called Collin at 1 (844) 912-1706 and he answered my questions patiently and considerately, even though I had no intention of inking a deal that day.


gold bars are best for americans

My Other Big, Intangible Reason for Choosing Regal Assets: They’re the Easiest to Do Business With

I love to make money and save/increase my wealth without headaches, worry, or feeling like I’m just a number. It’s that simple. And who doesn’t feel the exact same way?

Because Regal Assets’s minimum investment is $5,000 for individual gold purchases and $10,000 to open a Gold IRA, they can afford to choose the quality over quantity approach when it comes to attracting metals clients and doing business. My thoughts exactly.

But what really sets Regal Assets apart?

The #1 complaint you will encounter from people purchasing metals and Gold IRAs is that the companies and brokers are pushy and try hard to make the big sale whether or not it’s in the best interest of the client. Then once you buy, good luck ever trying to talk to someone or get an update. Additionally, up until many gold or precious metal companies actually get your money, they’ll call you all times of the day, sometimes even multiple times- harassment, basically.

gold scam which is the best gold companySome gold companies encourage you to convert your entire IRA or investment portfolio into a Gold IRA, which for many would not be diversifying their portfolio at all, but just putting all their eggs into a different, singular basket. Regal Assets is going to work with you and create a plan that meets your needs and wants, no matter how large or small.

Then there’s the gold companies that even tell customers to buy exotic or numismatic coins unnecessarily to get extra money out of a client, even though those coins usually have huge mark-ups and then when it comes time to sell them, finding a buyer may be difficult, especially if the metals broker is no longer in business.

Some metals brokers will tell you that you don’t have to pay taxes on your metals just to get you to buy. There’s all kinds of scams you hear about, which is why many metals companies do in fact go out of business, trying to cover their huge advertising and marketing budgets by nickel and diming existing and potential clients.

Regal does none of those things, which is why they’ve only had 1 complaint in the last year, which was resolved. No other company has done that.

That’s why Regal Assets gets my top rating. Trustworthy, laid back and dependable, real people.


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