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birch gold customer reviewsBirch Gold Group is headquartered in Burbank, California, right across Warner Bros. studios. The company has been in business since the year 2003.

They’ve got about 65 employees and they operate between the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm PST, from Monday to Friday.

The company also has branches in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Birch Gold Group helps clients and customers preserve their funds or wealth by basically adding precious metals like gold and silver to their portfolios. The company specializes in the sale of physical precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which are placed in an IRA. In short, Birch Gold Group offers the opportunity of rolling over a 401k in to an IRA.

bbb a plus rating birch goldBBB Rating

Birch Gold Group is accredited by the BBB, meaning that the company meets the standards of a BBB accreditation. BBB is a company that gives grades to various different businesses, and the grades represent the opinions of the company about the workings of that rated company. BBB gave an A+ grade to the Birch Gold Group, which is actually the highest possible rating/grade that BBB can give to any business or company. BBB determined that the Birch Gold Group met the BBB accreditation standards which included the commitment to always make the good faith effort when it comes to resolving any consumer/client complaints.

That being so, a BBB accreditation doesn’t necessarily mean that the company’s products or/and services have been endorsed or evaluated by BBB. BBB basically gives any unsatisfied customers or clients a platform where they can lodge their complaints against the company, in order for the bureau to assess the actual efficiency of the practices of that company. Since inception, the Birch Gold Group has had no complains whatsoever which proves the efficiency and credibility of the company.

TrustLink Rating

TrustLink was originally founded by BBB (abbreviation for, Better Business Bureau) in the year 2008, TrustLink basically provides a convenient platform for consumers/clients to write their own unbiased reviews regarding the products and services of different businesses they have used. The TrustLink company uses a fact checking system to make sure the posted reviews meet the required quality, whether bad or good. The website gives the clients a platform where they can share both the good and the bad experiences with other customers, so that the general public can take advantage from their experiences.

Considered as 1 of the most reliable and trusted sites on the web, TrustLink prohibits businesses/companies from paying for ratings or posting their own reviews. The Birch Gold Group has a 4.9 star rating on the TrustLink site. There are 28 ratings, and of all the 28 ratings, there’s only 1 rating which is 4 star; all the other 27 are 5 stars. This certainly proves the reliability and efficiency of the Birch Gold Group among its’ customers. All the Birch Gold Group TrustLink reviews were given in past 1 year which also proves that all the reviews are still relevant in the present time.


-Birch Gold Group helps clients/customers protect not only themselves, but also their assets from the economic uncertainties which could otherwise destroy most of their hard earned money. The company achieves this by offering the physical precious metals to customers/clients.

-Birch Gold Group has a very professionally designed site which offers investors comprehensive information about all of their services. The site contains all the relevant information that’s needed in order for one to easily contact their customer support for further information. The website has an excellent investing resources section, which is easily digestible and covers many topics which are very relevant to investors.

-The company is very social media savvy and it engages its’ clients on various social platforms. This is of great help especially when you are looking for a reliable and trusted dealer for your gold IRA roll over.

Birch Gold Group has a highly experienced team of precious metals professionals who also host the Market Report; a show that analyzes and discusses the daily news and then comments on how the current affairs may impact on the precious metals both in the short term and long term.

-The company has a special client relations department and also a department which specializes in IRAs.

-In most of the Birch Gold Group customer reviews, the customers provide high marks for this company’s services, and they usually recommend this precious metals dealer to their friends.

-The company clearly focuses on their customers particularly in terms of explaining the advantages of investing in physical precious metals. Moreover, not only does this company have an excellent customer service, but they also offer a free investment kit and have a toll free call number.


-On their site, it seems like they recommend the numismatic coins. The numismatic coins are usually very risky; Since the USA government doesn’t regulate the sale of precious metals, there have been many companies/businesses which have collapsed with numismatic coins.


If you take the Birch’s services and they happen to offer you the numismatic coins, you should make it very clear that you only want the bullion coins/bars.

-The company kind of lacks in depth information about the persons behind the company: Some customers consider faces behind the company very important especially when they want to invest in the company.


If you are an investor looking for a company to help you with your retirement funds, you should first study the company and learn about their reputation. Since retirement planning is a life long decision, it requires lots of research. While TrustLink and BBB ratings give some weight to the Birch Gold Group, they do not form the actual basis for deciding exactly which company you need to entrust with handling the IRA. If you are considering them make sure to call them up and see how they treat you and if they can answer your questions to satisfaction.

However, based on the customer reviews and ratings, it seems that the Birch Gold is a good company to entrust although they have a few minor areas where they fall slightly short. That being so, it can be said that Birch is a good selection for any investor looking to move silver or gold into their IRA. The company has a really solid reputation and during our comprehensive research, we found lots of positive reviews and very few negative about this company.

I looked up Birch Gold’s YouTube channel and found an interesting video regarding Donald Trump accepting a lease deposit in the form of gold bars from APMEX.

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