Rosland Capital Reviews

rosland capital reviews bbb and customer complaints

Rosland Capital Reviews


With an A rating with the BBB and an AAA rating with the BCA, you’d think you were dealing with the kind of Gold IRA rollover company anyone would feel comfortable trusting their metals position/investment with, that is until you read the trustlink reviews for Rosland Capital. It is the standard complaint of customers that deal with lesser gold investing and metals companies: price gouging. Hidden markups and overcharging customers.

Rosland Capital: Research Your Gold Prices First!

This is why it pays to do your research first. Many people have warned to do your research about gold prices and values before doing business with any gold dealer or precious metals investment broker.

Glenn Beck selling gold
But I told you <enter advertiser name here> was the best gold company out there?

Many companies are taking advantage of people who heard their commercial on AM talk radio and their salespeople are just sizing up interested callers.

So the Trustlink rating and negative reviews were really the only thing that dissuaded me from Rosland Capital. There are companies out there with only positive reviews on Trustlink and very few complaints across the board like Regal AssetsĀ or to a lesser extent Birch Gold Group.

Rosland Capital Highlights


*Rosland Capital has William DeVane the actor as their main spokesperson.

*Overall a solid company to do business with, but the customer complaints were not good to see. There’s a lot of problems with gold companies when it comes to selling people a fairly priced metals piece or bar, and you really do have to be careful. You have to look out for the companies that encourage you to buy the collector and special edition coins at markups. Compare prices to APMEX if you need to in order to fact check prices.

*Rosland Capital claims to “strive to educate” consumers, but all their videos on YouTube are mere sales pitches and explains why their channel has only 23 subscribers.

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