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Hello and welcome to my site, where I love helping retirees and investors decipher financial news and plan for the future, like the stock market’s next move.

Today I’m going to be talking about a little-known investment portfolio strategy to help people protect their retirement accounts, IRAs and 401(k)s: the Gold IRA.

Right now, there are some very, very good reasons to consider a gold backed IRA or partial gold IRA rollover simply to protect your future, especially if you already have a traditional IRA or 401K and want to keep what you worked your whole life for.

But before I do, let’s take a look at what factors are making a Gold IRA a very attractive option for Americans right now.

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The US and Global Economy are Flashing Recession

1. The stock market proved last year that it is anything but a guaranteed winner, recording a total loss after capital power of the Trump tax cuts wore off. Additionally, while this recent market downturn may not be the economic collapse or stock market crash that many have been expecting, it could be a preview of things to come, especially with so many CEOs predicting a recession by late 2019 or early 2020.

The financial markets have returned to the “new normal” at this time, but only due to the fact the Federal Reserve decided to do a 180 turn and reverse course on raising interest rates after major losses in Q4 of 2018. Once again, cheap money will be the only thing to keep this market propped up, but how much longer will it last?

2. After one of the worst stock market years in history (2016), we experienced “the Trump rally” in 2017 and now the Great Correction of 2018. This is a stock market whose price increases on the basis of no other perceived viable investment available and lower taxes on the horizon. Additionally, with rising home prices and fewer buyers available, the housing market is in a bubble.

The stock market has essentially been rigged by near-zero % interest rates for the last 10 years from the Fed and discouraged people from saving money (no return on investment due to interest rates which don’t beat inflation), so Wall St has become the investment of first and last resort. Even the Swiss Bank and the Bank of Japan are now directly purchasing stocks with their own printed fiat currency. The Federal Reserve has recently admitted it runs its own trading desk and engages in Open Market Operations (OMO), the direct intervention into financial markets and the purchase of securities (all according to their own website) in order to manipulate monetary policy.

3. Precious metals you can hold, physically, are NOT able to be manipulated like paper fiat currency, unlike the US Dollar and paper shares of silver and gold sold on financial markets. A precious metals IRA like a Gold IRA, allows for physical delivery of precious metals to include silver directly to you, while you retain the same tax safe haven of a traditional IRA or 401(k).

4. The stock market has the highest P/E (price to earnings) ratio in history demonstrating that people are paying a lot of money for an instrument that is producing less returns. Retail sales are shrinking rapidly and many brick-and-mortar stores are shutting down, showing just how broke consumers are. American wages remain flat, and the current way they calculate the unemployment rate is a total lie. For instance, if you have stopped looking for work because you cannot find a job, you are not counted as unemployed. If you have a part-time job, you are counted as fully employed. What a joke, right?

Don’t wait for a major event in the financial markets.
It’s time to do something to protect your hard-earned wealth today and breathe easy knowing that you have taken action to preserve your future.

For a limited time, qualified investors can receive a 100% free gold IRA investment kit. Make sure you get yours today while you still can!

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A quick rundown on the benefits of a Gold IRA…

*You can roll over all or a portion of your existing 401k or IRA into a Gold IRA without incurring any early withdrawla penalties.

*A Gold IRA means physical gold, not paper gold in ETFs or the futures market, stored either at your home or at a secure facility like Brinks Storage outside of the banking system.

*A Gold IRA has all the same tax benefits of a traditional IRA and operates under the same rules.

*A Gold IRA allows you to own a significant amount of gold and silver without having to worry about security issues like keeping all your metals at home hidden somewhere or in a safe, yet you can take physical delivery at any time.

With everything that’s going on right now with the financial markets, let’s remind ourselves once again of the limitations and inherent shortcomings in the Federal Reserve and Wall Street’s approach to a “healthy economy”, as well as the US Dollar.

The Stock Market Does Not Tell the Real Story about the US & Global Economy


Market technical analysts are extremely worried right now, and no one knows what might be the event that knocks the stock market back to 2008 levels in a few months, weeks, or even days. The mainstream media will only tell you that the stock market’s high price is a great thing and means the economy is doing well, which is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

In reality, all the media chatter and government deception are designed to confuse middle class savers and retirees into remaining in the stock market while the wealthiest .1% siphon the remaining wealth from the country, retirees, and those unfortunate enough to enter the market late or have a traditional IRA or 401K which is largely denominated in stock market shares.

It may be time to willfully choose to exit the unstable markets and dig into something real, your future depends on it. You cannot speculate along with the talking heads on TV who are paid by the very same companies with high stock share prices.

So what exactly will trigger a stock market or dollar crash? Will it be the next major company announcing thousands of layoffs, record numbers of store closings, or another sub par quarter of earnings? Will it be the Federal Reserve announcing it does not plan to raise interest rates and instead intends to start Quantitative Easing, round 4? Will it be the election or riots in the streets of Europe and the United States?

Truth is, no one knows what could be the trigger. But with all those facts, why anyone would keep all their money in stocks, bonds, and cash- makes very little sense to me.

And this is exactly why gold and silver, which are currently one of the most undervalued assets in history, might just save your retirement.

Important Factors for Choosing the Right Gold IRA Company

When choosing a gold IRA company you could be investing a significant portion of your investments and savings- anywhere from $30K – $300K or more- so you don’t want to deal with a lot of  hassle, long waits, lots of forms, or paying for things you don’t need.

A few important factors will come into play you’ll need to determine to save yourself time and wasted effort:

1. How much do you want to invest?

*If you have 100% of your current 401(k) or IRA in the stock market or bonds, then you may consider putting 30% or more of that into a Gold IRA to reduce exposure to a dangerously volatile stock market, and what Citigroup is describing as a “World Economy in Death Spiral”.

(If you are looking to invest under $5,000.00 into gold or precious metals coins, then I recommend going with a dealer like apmex.com who has the lowest markups compared to all other coin dealers) and is based in the heartland of America.

*For Gold IRAs, the Gold IRA company must offer only the legally accepted gold, platinum, and silver that qualifies to be in a Gold IRA according to Federal standards. There are only a select number and type of metals and purity that qualify to be included in a Gold IRA.

2. How do you find the right Gold Company for a New IRA or Rollover?

*Feel them all out. Call them up and see which ones sound patient and grateful for your business, or those who act like they are trying to herd cattle into pens as fast as they can. Give it a week or 2, even a month, and see which companies are constantly calling you or harassing you to try to close the deal. Remember, it’s your life savings, so take your time and don’t be rushed in making the best decision.

*Check online reviews and verify that they are real. It’s easy to use the search engine at BBB and Trustlink to verify actual real human users to check out a Gold IRA company.

*Refuse to work with any gold IRA or metals investment company if they seem pushy, shady or even a little unscrupulous. I was a victim of a metals investing company scam in 2005, but fortunately the FBI caught and prosecuted the culprits, and the leader of the ring is serving time in prison right now. I did not however get my money back and neither will the other 1400 people and the life savings of those affected.

3. The Best Gold IRA is in the Details

*What kind of fees does the gold or silver IRA company charge? Are they flat or are they yearly? What are the initial charges? What are the hidden charges?

*Where is the actual gold stored? Can you take physical delivery, should you choose? How safe is the storage facility? Is the gold stored separately or all in one giant collective account?

*Do I enjoy talking to and dealing with people from my Gold IRA company? Inevitably I will need to call them from time to time, so do I like dealing with them on a regular basis?

Our Choice for the Best Gold IRA

The Bottom Line:

gold ira low feesThat’s why we recommend Regal Assets as the best gold IRA.

top rated gold or silver ira

best ira gold rollover

“As an Inc. 500 honoree, Regal Assets now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Clif Bar, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle, and dozens of other notable recent alumni,” said Inc. Magazine Editor in Chief Eric Schurenberg.

Regal Assets has the highest ratings with the BBB of any Gold company.

bbb a plus rating regal

An Actual Human Reviewer From Several 100’s of Regal Assets Reviews on Trustlink said:

“My husband and I both had an option to take a lump-sum pay-out of our 401(k) savings for a company that we worked for 15 years ago. With the economy as it is, we thought taking the lump-sum and investing in gold/silver would be the way to go. We decided to explore two companies, one that we hear advertised on tv/radio and the other, Regal Assets, because of positive reviews we found through internet searches. We quickly chose Regal Assets due to the comfort level we had with Collin Plume, our account rep, and his team as well as the reputation of the company itself. We very much appreciated Collin’s expertise, efficiency and the way he made everything relatively easy to understand, taking time to address our questions and offering additional information when we weren’t even sure of the questions to ask. We never felt pressured or rushed. Over the several month process, we were thankful for Jannette Compton’s timeliness and expedience re: forms and reminders and even sending pre-filled out labels to make things as easy and convenient for us as possible. The entire experience has been very positive.”

For the nitty gritty details on why Regal is the superior value in Gold IRAs, read this.

With Massive Government Debt and the US Dollar Gradually Losing Its Purchasing Power, More People Are Turning to Gold and Silver- Including Central Banks Themselves


Regardless of whether you think we’re in a deflationary or inflationary cycle, or what exactly could prick any number of bubbles in our economy to lead to a major market collapse (like the sub prime lending and housing market in 2007), a gold IRA or gold IRA/401k rollover is and always will be a great investment, period.

china buying tons of gold to down the us dollarDid you know?  Countries like China and Russia as well as central banks and big private sector US mega banks are quietly eating up gold and misleading the public about gold’s true value, all the while they tell you NOT to invest in gold.

Indeed, a gold shortage is expected by the end of this year.

But there is something you can do. Having some of your portfolio, savings or investments in gold offers very real protection against an extended stock market or economic downturn, and can just help you sleep better at night knowing you’re not completely dependent on stocks and bonds.

Gold is a good vehicle for wealth protection and expansion, especially when the rest of the world financial system is collapsing, which it often does, cyclically. It’s a fact of life for an investor or economist.

Right now the financial headlines are even reporting how investors are flocking to gold ETFs, but owning paper gold in the form of stock market shares is as useless as holding paper dollars during a dollar crash, which I discuss here.

gold etf market crashGold ETFs are not a true protection from the stock market, there needs to be physical metal.

It’s important to recognize that there’s a good way to invest in gold and a bad way.

The best and most effective way to invest in gold is through a reliable gold broker, NOT through paper stocks in gold mining companies which are handcuffed to the stock market and the US dollar.

A Gold IRA is the best way to hold a significant position in gold and to have a claim to actual, physical gold which is stored privately and securely, and which you can also have delivered to your home at any time. Real Gold.

Regal gold assets stores gold at Brinks secure facilities, separate not commingledMost people find a good company and open a Gold IRA, fund it with cash, savings, an existing IRA, or their employer’s 401(k). Also, because a gold IRA is just one more excellent way to protect your investments, most people don’t put their entire portfolio into a precious metals IRA but you certainly can if you want to, the option is there, and some people do put a substantial amount into it.

Not all gold companies are created equal, so you’ll want to go with only the best and most trusted to avoid hassles and high markups.

For American investors seeking to protect or roll over $5K, $50K- even $1 Million into a gold IRA, it only makes sense to go with the best- Regal Assets.

(see how Regal Assets and other Gold 401(k) and IRA rollover companies compare)

best gold ira investment
They’re the #1 Gold company for a reason, not pushy at all, easy to to business with, and as strong advocates of educating consumers they offer a complimentary gold investing kit which includes a Forbes special edition magazine on gold to people looking to take control of their financial destiny.

If you already know you want a Gold IRA or just have some questions, you can dial Regal directly at 1 (844) 912-1706.

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