Wearing a Mask is not Good for You, but they Want You to Do It Anyway

Coronavirus: Face Masks Are Actually Bad For You

A recent video released shows a man testing oxygen and CO2 levels while wearing a common face mask required for much of daily public life.

His results?

Wearing the recommended face mask causes exposure to dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide according to current OSHA laws. The United States Department of Labor Occupational and Safety Health Administration has made it a requirement that the oxygen content be at least 19.5%.

In the video the man registers an oxygen rating of around 17%, far below the required oxygen amount. According to OSHA:

Human beings must breathe oxygen . . . to survive, and begin to suffer adverse health effects when the oxygen level of their breathing air drops below [19.5 percent oxygen]. Below 19.5 percent oxygen . . . air is considered oxygen-deficient.

Side Effects of Oxygen Deprivation

As oxygen drops, humans experience issues headaches, issues with coordination and decision making, increased breathing rates and accelerated heartbeat. This essentially makes the CDC and WHO requirement to wear a mask a potential death sentence for many people who already have preexisting medical conditions such as hypertension, asthma or other breathing issues like sleep apnea, who are also often at greater risk to pneumonia- the largest single cause of death among those who have tested positive for Covid 19.

Business Insider reports the timeline of the mask requirement issued by the World Health Organization, which should be a red flag for anyone who believes the coronavirus pandemic response is anything but a hoax:

On April 6, the World Health Organization released new guidance saying that healthy people don’t need to wear face masks to prevent coronavirus spread.

Masks should be for the sick, their caretakers, and healthcare workers, the WHO guidance said.

Scientists and public-health organizations can’t agree on the best face-mask protocol, and the WHO guidelines go against the CDC’s face-mask recommendations.

As of June 5, the WHO recommends the use of fabric face masks and/or face shields for the general public as a tool to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

So why the sudden change of heart? Did masks suddenly become good for you, or even actually effective all of a sudden?

Covid 19 and the Age of Junk Science

A medical professional from Italy wrote regarding mandatory face masks for the public:

As an ophthalmologist, I work constantly at a distance below 25 cm from the face of the patient. If the virus has an average size of 60-160 nm and the gaps between the fibers of the fabric (three layers, I suppose) the surgical mask is made of are not smaller than 300 nm (as Dr Biswaijt recalls): it follows then the mechanical filtering capacity of the surgical mask is definitely insufficient against coronavirus. Unless an electrostatic field generates an electric potential between fabric and virus surface the same sign, there is no way to continue recommending the use of surgical masks. Choose a N-95 (ffp2 or ffp3) filtering system, but avoid wearing a surgical mask when you cannot respect the social distance of at least 1 (even better 2) meters.

I am afraid that, at least in Italy, guidelines and recommendations on the use of face masks to cope with the emergency do not stem from sound scientific considerations but depend on the prolonged and unexplainable unavailability of adequate filtering systems. Recommendations must be backed and justified by the scientific literature, so I pinpoint the question of Zeyad: Why guidelines consider surgical masks adequate protections for the population if coronaviruses are so small that it can penetrate through mask……?

Exactly, so what is this all about then?

A County in Oregon Made Face Masks Mandatory, but Only for White People

The Governor of Oregon mandated all people to wear masks in indoor settings starting June 24, but Lincoln County said that “people of color” would be exempt because wearing a mask could lead to them being targeted by law enforcement, with no proof. They quickly reversed the decision after a backlash from the public, but they said the people upset were actually being “horrifically racist” to find offense in such a racially based policy.

So if you’re white and you don’t like being made to wear a mask… you’re racist? According to Lincoln County government, you are.

Almost 50% of all people have skipped some form of medical care, sometimes vital health care even, due to coronavirus, which is actually far more dangerous than the coronavirus itself with such a low mortality rate.

But Dr. Fauci says, don’t worry, just keep wearing your mask because it’s about respect- not science.

Covid 19 is Social Engineering Designed to Cover for the Current and Ongoing Economic Collapse


covid 19 is social engineering

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