The Perfect Job for Retirees: Become a Rover Sitter, Start Sitting Dogs from Home

dog walking and pet sittingFixed income retirees, pensioners and social security benefit drawers may benefit from having some additional income in their golden years. For many, simply going out and getting a job is neither feasible or desirable. This is why pet sitting dogs for extra money from home becomes a potentially great option to make money after retirement.

Sitting dogs from home does not require a lot of skill or expertise. Mainly you just need to make sure the dog is fed and has water, and that they can’t escape! It’s also a great way to spice up your life and have some moderate excitement and adventure as a senior.

Here’s how to get started sitting dogs for money as a retiree:

How to Start a Dog Sitting or Walking Business From Home

*You don’t need an elaborate, detailed business plan to start.

*You mainly need to love dogs and be passionate with them.

*Getting insurance for dog walking/sitting can be very advantageous and a good selling point for potential customers

*Have the right environment and ability to perform what you promise- i.e. have a yard for the dog if you’re dog sitting, or be able to go out on regular walks

*Make sure to post a few fliers around town with your phone number on them!

Start Getting Dog Sitting Business from Immediately

* does all the marketing, but they take a 15% to 20% cut of your income. They pay off a few days after the gig, making them much faster than most regular employers

* may be difficult to get initial business if the market for your area is over-saturated. This is why it’s often helpful to get additional, concise help on how to become a dog sitter from home.

* can often penalize sitters forever for one bad dog sitting experience. They are rarely known to take their sitters’ sides in disputes, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, even censors its customers reviews for the sake of their bottom line at the expense of the consumer!

* often works against the local independent dog sitters in town by attempting to enact legislation to put them out of business. Talk about shady!

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