My One Regret of Parenthood- Micro Managing and Strictly Over Doing It

A Look At the Tendency Towards Over Parenting

One of the worst things you can do for your children is to over parent them. If you do, they will not learn as much as they could if you would simply let them try. When kids have overly obsessive parents who are always concerned about their grades, or how they perform at school, they can also be guilty of over parenting. Instead of trying to micromanage your kids, you need to encourage them instead. In this article, we will show you the downfalls of over parenting, and what you can do to improve in this area.

All parents try their best to help their children have all the tools they need to do well. Simply playing with their friends is showing them how to behave with others and this is necessary. So it’s critical that you form a positive perspective on everything to the extent possible. Kids are smarter than we all think, and they’re capable of making their way through most challenges.

Maintain a healthy and safe distance and just watch what your child does, and then offer some guidance. Would you want to have a career at a place of occupation where you were severely micro-managed?

Its very well known that some kids are doing things because it’s the parent who pushed them to do it. This may be a sport or other activity that the child may or may not like or have any aptitude for. If you’re pushing your son or daughter to take lessons or attend classes in certain activities just because you think it’s important, make sure he or she really shares this interest. All kids have certain interests and talents, but just because you loved hockey or ballet as a child doesn’t mean your child also will.

Don’t be the clueless parent who has some problems, and then you act them out in a way that impacts your children.

Your kids need to fall down, make mistakes, get their knees scraped and all that good life stuff. Now, this does not mean you allow your kid to fall out of the tree if you’re there watching. Doing their homework, a report or school project for them is a good example of this, and the whole point of such assignments is to teach kids important skills.

There’s just so many negative side effects when there are over parenting issues at play. So you’ll need to find a way to breakout from being that kind of parent. Be patient with yourself, and it’s a good idea to talk to someone if you feel that you need to do so. Just be sure that you give your child the best chance possible to grow up healthy and with good social skills.

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The Most Popular 3 Tax Questions Answered

tax advice from a professional
Ramon Answers Your Top 3 Tax Questions

In my 13 years as a Tax Accountant working for Big 4 Accounting Firms, Fortune 500 Companies, High Net Worth Individuals, and owning my own Tax Firm, they all want to know one thing: How Do I Save Money On My Taxes?

Below you will find the top 3 Tax Questions and how you can apply them to your situation.

1. I run my business from my house. Is there anything I can do to reduce my taxes?

If you’re like most business owners and you do work from home from time to time or even if you have a home based business, you can probably use the Home office deduction. This means that you’ll be able to take some of your home expenses and convert them into business expenses. There are several methods (described here: however, the easies one is where you take the total of your expenses and figure out how much of that is for business. You then take that percentage as a deduction. For example, if you pay $100 a month for internet access and you calculate that maybe 35% of the internet use is for business, then you’re able to count $35 ($100 * 35%) a month as a business expense.

You can do that for anything that you use for your business. Especially now that you have a house, you may have a little home office you use solely for business. Let’s say that room is 10% total of your house and your monthly mortgage is $2,760. That means that every month you can take $276 ($2,760*10%) as a business expense.

tax help for small businesses and retirees

2. Do I need to file a tax return even if I didn’t make any money?

Although you are not required to file anything if you didn’t have revenues of at least $600 (revenues is money coming in regardless if you made profit), it is beneficial to file since you are able to possibly pass some of those losses to your personal tax return.

If you are able to take losses in your personal tax return, your personal tax due may be lowered. Of course, the only way to determine this is to actually prepare a tax return.

Another reason for filing your tax return is so that, in the off chance the IRS audits you, you will have all your ducks in a row. Sometimes the IRS finds these companies that have not filed and assigns them the amount of tax due based on what they think you’ve had in revenue. The only way to prevent this is by showing them that you did not make any money. The best way to prove this is by filing your tax return.

Also, see about how a Gold IRA can be a sound safe haven from taxes and a long-term asset here.

3. What’s the easiest way to save on my taxes?

The easiest way to make sure you’re saving as much as you can on your taxes is to make sure you keep track of your business expenses. If possible, open a separate checking account that you use solely for business. This will not only make it easier for you to gauge how much money you’re making/losing, it also makes it way easier when you’re figuring out your business tax return at the end of the year. Otherwise you’ll just have to sit down or pay someone to sit down and go through your bank account trying to figure out if the $35 you spent at Best Buy was for personal use or for business expense. You don’t want to get stuck in that situation.

Ramon Santillan is a Tax Accountant with over 13 years of experience with Federal, State & Local experience with deep knowledge of Fixed Assets. As a previous Big Four Tax Accountant as well as owner of a Boutique Tax Firm, he enjoys working on complex tax issues and does one-on-one consulting with clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies.

You can work with him by contacting below:

Ramon Santillan answers your tax questions

Additionally, sometimes avoiding common errors can save you a headache on your tax return too.

Effective Natural Hair Loss Remedies Worth Trying

Remedies for Naturally Curing Hair Loss

Hair care – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair care will differ according to one’s hair type and …

Herbal hair loss treatment

If you are searching for hair loss remedies, you have many alternatives to choose from. In many parts of the world, societies have their own traditional foods and herbs that they use for promoting healthy hair. You’ll also find a number of modern hair loss remedies such as scientific formulas designed specifically to provide nourishment for hair and promote faster growth. There are some natural hair loss remedies that are effective only in the sense that it has been used for so many years, while there are those that appear to show great promise based on studies. In this article, we’ll talk about a couple of natural hair loss remedies so you can make a wise choice.

Folk remedies to prevent hair loss abound. Some of these remedies tend to be more widely known than the others. One European folk remedy for hair loss that isn’t known by many is rootabega. Rootabega is a root vegetable that’s a hybrid of the turnip and cabbage. You’ll find this root vegetable an excellent source of vitamins, specifically vitamin C and B vitamins. To use rootabega as a natural remedy for hair loss, you’d first make a paste from the vegetables and then apply it on your scalp. Give it 20 or so minutes before rinsing it out. This folk remedy involves a little mess, but it’s worth giving it a try if a safe and natural hair loss treatment is what you’re after.

Effective Natural Measure to Cure Hair Loss 


For many years, people have been using nettle root as an herbal medicine. Health food stores carry this herb in tea and capsule form. It’s also something you can grow right in your own herb garden. It’s been found that nettle root can keep the body from producing excessive amounts of DHT, a chemical substance that is responsible for hair loss. Some people have digestive problems after taking nettle root, but it’s generally a safe herb. If you want to try nettle root as a hair loss remedy, take a small amount first and then increase the amount in a gradual manner to make sure you don’t experience digestive problems. You’ll find nettle root in many formulas designed to treat hair loss.

You can safely treat hair loss with green tea. And it wouldn’t just be your hair that will benefit but your overall health as well. Green tea has catechins, which are antioxidants that can prevent your body from producing DHT, a chemical that’s responsible for baldness. You can get this benefit by drinking several cups of green tea every day. As a stimulant, it works just as well as coffee but not as harsh on your digestive system. If, however, you prefer not to drink green tea every day, you can get the same benefits from taking it in capsule form.

Prevent Hair Loss with the Help of These Leading Folk Remedies


Try using hair care products with green tea extract in them, as they can provide a therapeutic effect on your scalp and hair. It appears that green tea has many health benefits that keep getting discovered all the time that it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore that it’s also effective in treating hair loss. There’s no shortage of natural hair remedies that you can try. We’ve shared only a small sample of natural hair loss remedies. Hopefully, though, this list would help you get started on your search for such remedies. An important thing you need to do if you want to prevent or treat hair loss is to keep a fit and healthy body. This involves switching to a healthy diet and lifestyle. This will make it easier for any natural remedies you are taking to work their best.


Hair care – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair care will differ according to one’s hair type and …

Stimulus is dead: When the spoils system spoils (and why people approaching retirement should care)

Economic stimulus is hurting America“To the victor, the spoils.”

And spoil indeed it does.

The biggest reason why federal stimulus is a horrible idea…

It rewards that which does not work.
Literally, and figuratively. Symbolically, and actually.

I wrote this article and a day later this major news outlet published this interview where even financial experts are saying the true nature of the world economy is impossible to gauge due to the distortions caused by the world’s central banks and their manipulation of the world’s currencies.

Let’s go ahead and define exactly what I mean by that.

At the very basic level, it’s welfare. It’s entitlement spending to protect the status quo, instead of changing what’s broken. It’s not called welfare but then again, no welfare is called welfare.

I don’t mean welfare babies. I don’t mean unemployed. I don’t even mean the government which does not produce wealth but does tax and redistribute it by it’s very institutional nature.

And I’m not complaining, because as always, that can be saved for another post until I finally forget that I felt the need to complain. 🙂

Amazing what not complaining does for your productivity and happiness by the way 😉

So what exactly and why exactly does stimulus not work?

Because capital which does not circulate spoils.

I’m talking specifically about retirees and people in the upper middle-class that continue to feed the monster by investing in companies that need to die natural deaths, and by waiting and holding onto stocks whose value is being artificially inflated through monopolistic practices or old school business models.

Retiring? Don’t Get Complacent!

Current retirees and people approaching retirement can be very complacent, and they have utmost faith their government is going to bail out any and all failed companies, especially if they are large and have been around for many years.

And they may be right.

However, that does not change the consequences, outcomes, and effects of continued EZ Money policy of the United States federal reserve bank.

I am currently giving dictation to my iPhone for this post (i.e. hands free talk to text) and even my iPhone knows that easy money should be spelled like the pawnshop or payday loan center it represents! Haha

The fact is a lot of upper middle-class Americans benefited from the taxpayer-funded bail-out of 2008 and continued federal stimulus of the last five years, though it was a happy coincidence more than anything, because we all know the most wealthy are out for #1.

The holding companies, banks, and other financial institutions that manage the funds and retirement accounts- accounts which are comprised of many too big to fail American companies, which ultimately served/saved the banking derivatives scandal and indirectly the current and recent retirees.

I had a conversation with a retiree today who encouraged me to buy stock in RadioShack. RadioShack. Can you believe that? A retiree with $40,000 worth of Radio Shack. So how’s Radio Shack been doing anyway?

Radio Shack stock dive

I didn’t even know RadioShack’s stock price for the last 20 years. I didn’t care. I only looked it up after having the conversation and openly disagreeing with the retiree, saying RadioShack is not relevant to today’s market. I had even been to a RadioShack recently and nothing in the store did anything for me. It’s a store that came out of a market need of the 80’s due to the ushering in of the era of consumer electronics (like the Sony Walkman) where devices required all sorts of different sized batteries. RadioShack was a battery store!!!

And no more. And soon, to be never more.

RadioShack, an absolutely wonderful idea in the 80s and now, outdated due to and Best Buy. The same retiree encourage me to buy stock in JCPenney.

Currently this person probably has a lot more money than I do, but while they were trying to sell me on RadioShack and JCPenney I was showing them on my laptop but today’s earnings for the stock GoPro, the California-based company which produces recording devices for extreme sports athletes poised to take over even more market share with their new pricing and innovative new products.

Go Pro stock is up about 35% in the last two weeks and is the most successful IPO of 2014.

Their reasoning: too big to fail is “in” and the mantra “don’t get anxious, wait it out” was repeated.

And that only works 30 years ago and if you already have lots of capital already invested in big blue-chip stocks or bonds.

Problem is most Americans do not. And not only that, one out of three people on the street in America currently has a debt and collections. Not only that, you actually believe reports that the government is issuing which I do not, you will see that all of these new jobs being created are part-time jobs and many employers are already adjusting workers’ schedules to bypass the numerous stipulations in the Affordable care act legislation.

How the upper-middle-class suddenly became millionaires:

1. The accumulation of capital when it was much easier to get (pre-recession)

2. The benefit of being heavy into US dollars whether it be currently in savings (back when saving was actually an acceptable concept) and company stocks denominated in US currency back when dollar momentum was stronger and federal debt substantially lower

3. Extensive lobbying by the American Association of Retired Persons which is the largest lobbyist group in America (this has caused a net increase in median income among the retirees during a recession, and the rate of increase as beating out regular working Americans)

4. By doing absolutely nothing

It’s true. There was a time when you could handover money to an account manager and as long as nothing exploded, you would make serious money. The Soviet Union failing was a large part of that.

Sure America is way better than Russia in many regards, but the fact is the Soviet Union sucked really bad for really long time before it eventually collapsed.

So while many people are comfortable with waiting and seeing what happens, I personally am not. Regardless of any investment you make, you should have an entrance and exit strategy in mind.

Or, as in the case when I bought Go Pro Stocks, you buy with value long-term in mind for the marketplace, the consumer, and for the sake of innovation.

And if you have a lots of money tied up in the stock market, which is currently trading sideways and has been for the last year, I would suggest you diversify your positions.

The same person recommending RadioShack to me also said he did not mess with metals. Because, according to him, metals haven’t done anything lately.

That is not why you get into metals.

I have a small but very important number of specific reasons to take a position in gold either in gold bullion bars as an IRA or when appropriate, physical gold you can hold:

1. You get into metals because you are already wealthy and you want to protect your wealth.

2.You get into metals because once you recognize a valuable opportunity with a company which can legitimately handle the transaction for you honestly and dependably, you realize another excellent investment instrument at your fingertips.

3. You get into a metal’s IRA or gold IRA to diversify or hedge on your current IRA.

4. You own physical gold as a backup or emergency currency because this is important to you.

Let me tell you something about gold: it is much harder to mine gold than it is to print money.

I’m just relaying what Uncle Sam has told us all, and how the news reported that it costs more to print a penny than to spend a penny.

So while the value of a piece of paper is largely dependent on many factors outside of your in my control, one thing is for certain and that is gold has always held real monetary value your regardless of any paper currency anywhere.

Don’t let the government reports which gloss over inflation and factor out financial realities for many working class and middle-class Americans form your opinions.

If you don’t think your government would lie, then why have the remaining files on the JFK assassination been locked up all this time and the release date is continuously pushed back and back and back.

To quote any US president ever “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about”.

So then perhaps we should worry, because there’s plenty being hidden in plain view… at least if you go by that logic.

Or you can just listen to Janet Yellen and pretend it’s all okay.

As for me, I have only this to say.

Just the facts ma’am. Just the facts.

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Fed Reserve Announces Savers Will Continue to Lose their Savings

janet yellen zero interest rates hurt savings
“But, rewarding Wall Street with more capital and encouraging them to take more risks is just, ya know, kinda what we do around here.”

Welcome to the new America, where losing is winning. You lose your savings? Don’t get mad- you won a chance to play the stock market, after all!

I just read an interesting news assertion today: “Fed Reserve decides to keep interest rates at zero well into the future, Dow Jones lifts on optimism.”

If you were curious as to whether the United States mainstream media spin machine is in full effect, look no further.

Only in a society that so morbidly and closely mirrors George Orwell’s dystopian 1984 in so many ways already could the media interpret keeping interest rates at zero well into the future as a sign of good things for the economy.

Traditionally savings have been the hallmark of a successful economy, nation, and society.

You cannot save money and beat inflation if interest rates are at zero. The only logical place then for your money is to risk your ventures and investments in the likes of stocks, bonds, real estate, or investing in a business, and even starting your own business.

While I am a big fan of people starting a business, the logic behind the Federal Reserve move indicates that the economy is not in fact demonstrating the huge gains hoped for when stimulus began and interest rates were initially lowered. Also they are stealing from people who have the audacity to save their money intelligently!

After all, if you want money to move around in the economy, remove all incentives from saving so that people take their money out of their savings accounts. Not only have they done that, they have essentially penalized anyone who chooses to save money in a traditional savings account. I’ve also talked about negative interest rates which they have introduced in Europe because all the entitlement crowds were fed up and rioting over austerity. So the elites and the banks decided to just tax the middle class savers some more, and word is that it’s heading to the U.S. soon as well.

Some might argue it’s already here, since the Federal Reserve already has a very special status quo protecting method of ascertaining actual levels of inflation, which conveniently neglects to account for many of the basic necessities upon which many middle and lower class Americans rely.

It’s a rigged game. They’re meant to win, at all costs. No fundamental changes since the bail-out.

Business as usual for everyone involved.

At this point the majority of the US economy is based largely on risk and the “recovery” has only materialized in the form of padding the numbers on people’s investment accounts. In fact only the richest 20% of Americans have benefited from the “economic recovery”.

One unfortunate reality behind investing is that you cannot guarantee behavior of the markets to ensure the kind of returns that fund managers try to sell you on.

If all you ever do is look at the stock market over 20 year period, it usually looks like a fun casino where there are only winners and the only losers are the idiots dumb enough to sit on the sidelines.

But the truth is, it’s actually quite difficult to get more then a 10% return on investment compounded when you take market crashes into account. Market crashes in any sector take away from the ultimate compound interest wealth building vehicle that the stock market is touted as.

This is one big reason why holding the majority of your savings and investment account in funds denominated in stocks which are denominated in paper US dollars is in fact far from a sure thing investment. It’s easy to look back on the past and try to predict the future. But it’s really easy to just look at the numbers and the direction of those numbers too.

All you have to do is examine the repeated inconsistent behavior of the government that prints money and continuously keeps interest rates near zero to understand the real direction of the currency and economy of United States of America.

I don’t personally see how the Federal Reserve manipulating the markets and constantly overspending can result in good things long term for America’s fiscal health. I think unfortunately many would agree with me.

Maybe it’s time to learn Chinese and buy some gold.

SSDD: Attacking ISIS, Syria, and Iraq More Proof of a Failed & Bankrupt US Foreign Policy and a Precursor to Greater Dollar Devaluation

The United States of America has benefited from a high degree of leverage over the past seventy years. After emerging as the lone superpower after World War II, America has enjoyed an exceptional standard of living as it loaned the destroyed countries money to rebuild and suffered very few logistical or infrastructure losses at home. At the same time, the US acquired military bases abroad which increased its influence in international affairs and commerce.

Pricing oil in dollars has given special unstated permission to the government and banks to be loose with monetary policy and trading because no real consequences have materialized, even after a bank bailout and housing crash. The leverage of preeminence has been used and abused as long as it possible.

However, we are seeing this leverage quickly disappear in the western world’s way of controlling the value of assets, credit, un-pegged paper currency and stimulus coming to an end.

You would think that a bunch of crazy people in the Middle East would have zero effect on your or my daily life, and in reality, it’s true. The United States are not energy dependent upon the middle east, it merely maintains a relationship that has consistently produced profits both financially and politically across the board for elite and special interests at the expense of most Americans.

The whole concept of attacking ISIS, ISIL (or whatever the name of the group is this week), Syria, and performing airstrikes on Iraq continue a failed US foreign-policy based on imperialist intentions built on false pretenses. As the hundreds of billions of dollars sent to Afghanistan over the last 13 years has produced no results and many casualties as well as substantial United States federal debt, the continued military campaigns in the Middle East show not strength, but weakness.

Osama’s dead. Saddam’s Gone. Why do I care about the equivalent of a bunch of dumb angry mid east rednecks with some rifles and humvees (which they got from US bases or captured from rebels)?

I don’t care.

Here with the concerted effort in the press to paint ISIS as a real, credible threat we have business as usual even as Switzerland as a nation will vote to repatriate its gold this fall.

I would say that most Americans do not want continued war in the middle east, but I would soon be reminded that many Americans are too busy wrapped up in watching the NFL, playing fantasy football, and feasting on endless hours of television in what arrogant Hollywood executives have deemed “the Golden Age of television.”

And by that same logic, Americans are experiencing a Golden Age of culinary excellence based on the fact that many Americans are obese. Let’s not consider the fact that those same obese Americans are the ones watching endless hours of TV or the fact that the American food supply is highly tainted with genetically modified organisms, which many nations around the world have already banned, and have consequences of altering people’s metabolisms.

Yes, it’s true. We are living in a golden age, of bullshit.

I call bullshit.

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Is another recession and world financial market crash inevitable in 2015?

More proof of a world exit move from the US dollar, mass gold purchases by China (undisclosed), and how Saudia Arabia, China, Russia, and the United States all play out on the world stage across the oil and financial markets…

*Warren Buffet is dumping paper money in the form of buying hard assets like railroads and natural gas, which are always in need and usually impervious to currency fluctuations

*Standard drawing rights are set to replace the US dollar as the unofficial world reserve currency, and when it does, the US dollar will not have as much purchasing power as it used to, and it’s already losing steam as China gobbles up half of all available new gold being produced to provide a backdoor exit from large positions in US securities accumulated through trade surplus lending to a deeply in debt US

*Buying put options seems to be the way the expert traders hedge, buying and holding stocks while placing bets that if the stocks crash, they have the option to sell at a previously traded price… it’s an advanced stock trading strategy that few know about and it’s a little sophisticated to the newbie investor

*10% Gold position is the minimum recommended, but don’t wait too long because once the gold rush kicks in, there won’t be any room to buy and dealers will shut down

World financial market crash inevitable in the next 5 years?

Why I’m going to invest in GoPro on the stock market

gopro camera usesBy going public, GoPro just made a very bold decision. They have been enjoying a huge customer base right from the time that they entered the market.

Specializing purely in camera and other electronics production, they have been able to carve a good niche in the market that not many firms would have made. Their consistency and quality of their products are the main reasons that have enabled them to continue dominating this market niche.

All their products have earned well in the market and this is a clear indication of the confidence that the customers have in GoPro merchandise. They have indeed created a very strong reputation for themselves due to customer satisfaction over the years, quickly emerging as the leader in the business of wearable automatic film making and photography.

GoPro has produced many brands of cameras from 2004 when they availed their first camera to the market. Millions have enjoyed the services of these products especially the GoPro Hero 3 camera model to capture their best moments in life. If you can get a hold of this camera then, you would understand better what it means with capturing your best moments with GoPro Hero 3. Not even the invasion of market by the smart phones attempted to kick them out of market. It is this huge market and the ever increasing growth rate could be the reason to why they decided to go public.

GoPro Cameras are Everywhere Now

This is indeed a piece of good news to the consumers of GoPro product. Yes they have decided to go public on the stock market and this means that, you can now become a share holder in this giant electronic firm. They have performed very well in their IPO and this shows the potential that they have. Who cannot be tempted to go for a firm that is recording a more that 38% growth every year? This is the place to invest your money in along with gold, real estate, and hopefully a small but growing business. GoPro has a very strong and growing customer base and it has every including technical skills and experience that is needed to continue with market dominance.

I didn’t even think twice about going for the GoPro stock and investing money in this safe haven. GoPro is planning in diversifying its products by turning itself into a media company. This is an excellently thought idea and the plans are underway. By doing this, this firm will have tripled its customer base and the revenue from this venture will be quite huge. You what this means to share holders.

GoPro is going places and do not be left by this bandwagon of money makers. There is a huge potential and guaranteed growth of any firm is impossible, but buying their stock is the wisest decision that any investor can make looking for the next Google or Netflix in my opinion. I remember in 2004 when I bought, and then sold, Google. Bad move. GoPro has tremendous upside from my vista.

This is an electronic firm and apart from GoPro cameras, they also sell other home products, mounts, accessories and software & apps. By opening a media center, the firm will have added a huge investment to the already performing ones. They boast of a huge customer base that they have built by provision of quality products. Their rating on the online platform is quite encouraging with a more than 95% rating showing their level of customer satisfaction.

GoPro symbol (GPRO)

Their products are capable of being synced up through Apple products like the iPhone to be controlled remotely, so the sky’s the limit with the type of filming that can be accomplished strategically and without a large crew.

GoPro stock is around 68 bucks a share at the moment, the highest it’s ever been and it seems to be well deserved from their solid financial statements and niche buyers (who by the way have money for things like that) so they should see continued success.

One man’s opinion. But I will be purchasing GoPro in the near future, like Friday of this week. I see this as a long-term buy and hold stock.

Remember those days?

A Look at the Features in the Latest Washers

The latest Washing Machines offer convenient new features

best washing machinesHave you ever seen NSF or non-NSF rated machines? These are labels given to washing machines in 2012. NSF stands for, National Sanitation Foundation, and is peculiar to the American buying market. An independent testing organization, NSF is an external company that certifies products and businesses.

It’s all about ensuring healthy and strict sanitation criteria and complying with certain guidelines. The consumer will perceive this to be a certification of it being a quality washing machine that is worth the money they’re spending on it. And if it does not have the NSF certification, you should be cautious before buying that machine.

Save money on your energy bills

If you really want to save money on your energy bills, and have a great washer, the LG WT5101HV washer might be the one to get. For high energy efficiency, you’re going to pay top dollar. This machine is priced at $1159, which is not what people really want to see. Your clothes will be just as claim using cold water as you will using hot or warm water. By avoiding warm water cycles, you can save money on heating your water. If you need to wash a large comforter, no problem! The large drum will let you do this. Many people prefer a washer without an agitator. The LG WT5101HV does not come with one, which will make many people happy.

Check out the Whirlpool WTW57ESVW washing machine if you want a washer that gets the job done. It’s promoted as a budget washer, but for some people $500 may still be too steep a price. Its load detecting capability enables this top-loading washing machine adjust for water usage.

A more budget-priced machine can be found in the Speed Queen AWN311. As you know, the goal you are looking for with a washing machine is to end up with clean clothes. The Speed Queen has a clothing capacity of 3.3 cubic feet, which is a little on the low end. It isn’t unusual, however, to see more expensive machines that only have clothing capacities from 3.4 to 3.7 cubic feet. It’s probably a good bet that most consumers won’t have an issue with the size of this machines clothing capacity. Needless to say, the Speed Queen AWN311 washing machine isn’t loaded with extra features. Beyond that fact, it is a strong, solid washing machine that will do a good job on your clothes and be easy on your budget.

Saving money can be one of the best forms of investing there is. Reducing your costs of living around the house and your bills will lead to more money for you overall. Much like an IRA converts or transfers to a Gold IRA, savings transfer and equate to real wealth.

When you’re shopping for a new washer, you need to be serious about it. It’s a major home appliance and you should know that the higher quality washers come at a price. If you take the time to carefully choose your new washer, you’ll be investing in something that will save you money in the long run.

Washing Machine Reviews


A Tribute to the Late Chick-Fil-A Founder S. Cathy (from a former employee)

A Tribute to Chick-Fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy by former employee Craig Lee

chic fil a founder dies
A grateful Craig Lee reminisces on his journey into the American workforce, a journey sped by being hired on the spot at a Chick-Fil-A during the late 70’s and one of America’s harshest economic climates

In 1979 I was just 14 years old and about to begin my first job, learning the ins and outs of the working world. To this day I am not sure what caused me to apply, but I applied at Chick-fil-A at South Lake Mall in Morrow, GA and was hired on the spot (it was a day when you could work at a younger age). Little did I know that this “job” would change so much about what I would become.

My first day was working with Don “Bubba” Cathy. On that day I was assigned to some basic clean up details and with little experience and a desire to serve I went at it. One of the projects I was given was to clean the bathrooms, at 14 that was the most awful job I could imagine.

I blew through it and went to see Bubba for my next assignment. Together we walked to the bathrooms and he began to critique my work. For the next 30 minutes Bubba (the son of S. Truett Cathy) taught me how to clean bathrooms, but more importantly how to do a job with passion, detail and pride that has followed me the rest of my life. That day I learned what it meant to work and I learned it from S. Truett Cathy through his son.

chick-fil-aI spent the next few years working for Chickfila and was exposed to the Cathy family up close. Several times we were invited to Truett’s farm to hang out and enjoy a meal on a Sunday (the days Truett set aside time for God, family and rest). We road motorcycles, enjoyed fellowship and experience the hospitality of the Cathy family.

When Chickfila moved into the new Corporate headquarters on Buffington Road, I had a part in helping move from the Original home office location, I especially remember moving Mr. Cathy into his new office. There would be many days working for Chickfila, operations, opening teams, trainer, days I will forever remember and cherish.

I left Chickfila to explore other opportunities and in each job I have held to this day I have never forgot what was taught to me in what today is undoubtable one of the leading companies in America. Why? Because S. Truett Cathy is an amazing man who didn’t take success lightly and believed in investing in people. He invested in his children, they invested in others.

I 2002 I joined the motorcycle club, “The Moo Cow Biker” a riding club started by Dan T Cathy and he became a friend and fellow rider. His influence was amazing and his passion to serve teaches even today. I never worked directly for Dan, but can only imagine he was equally a servants servant. One particular event at Truetts House surrounded the “Moo Cow Biker” as we held a get together BBQ and once again the hospitality of the Cahty’s was exceptional and unforgetable.

chick-fil-a american business without tax inversion
Chick-Fil-A founder S. Kathy with his wife enjoying a shake

It saddens me to hear that S. Truett Cathy is not doing well. I pray for Mrs. Trudy and the entire Cathy family that includes the Chickfila Family. But I also believe that on the moment Mr. Cathy breathes his last, Heaven will gain another servant and I can imagine Jesus meeting him upon arrival with “Well done!, my good and faithful servant.” His legacy on earth will certainly remain and grow for years to come.

God bless you Cathy family, Your impact on my life has been profound!