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Charles Nenner – Buy Gold, Market Crash Coming

Charless Nenner suggests stock market crash is on the horizon

Charless Nenner is calling the stock market as a top right now and is correlating the 4.1% official unemployment rate to a potential upcoming market crash. When looking at the facts, Nenner is deciding that the bull market end is closer than the pundits and “experts” on TV will expect.

While the market may not see the bottom fall out of it immediately, the recent weeks in the stock market have proven that a 1,000 point drop in equities and stocks is more than just a theoretical possibility. On the heels of a year of stock market records with a Q1 2018 1st month hyperbolic rise in prices of stocks, Nenner is suggesting that the market may turn sideways but the overall direction of the market should be sideways action with a massive low expected in 2020.

Most people are following the herd when it comes to investing

According to Charles Nenner, he believes that inflation is going to rear its ugly head but we will also see deflation. He expects that the price of oil and natural gas will come down, but that gold and silver will see a major buying opportunity in mid 2018. Most people however are not ready for the stock market to go nowhere for a few years if not much lower, and even see funds pouring back into the bond market.

With a raise in interest rates, Nenner predicts that bonds will be a buying opportunity in 2018. While this move is relatively controversial compared to the average investor, he believes this is sound strategy and planning keeping the concept of market cycles in mind. He does not understand why people would be going long the market at this point.

2018 could be a big year for the gold IRA

If the market goes down and people sell off, gold will be a perfect opportunity for investors looking for something of value to hold and not wanting to be in cash. Home builders are already seeing 25% losses in their stocks indicating the housing market is seeing less demand, which could be the canary in the coal mine tipping off those waiting on the sidelines to get into a Gold Individual Retirement Account.

Nenner thinks that the stock market could go down all the way to $5,000 which would represent a loss of over 75% of the entire value in equities and stocks. Nenner has worked with several investors who have historically been able to pull out of the markets before an ominous crash.

Gold cycle is bottoming in mid 2018

People should realize, according to Nenner, that you buy gold to hold and maintain value, but he also predicts that gold could see a rise of 200% in 2018, especially in the midst of global political instability. He is considering holding gold for a year to a year and a half minimum.

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The Truth About The Stock Market Crisis. Prepare Yourself.

The recent drops in the stock market could be a preview of things to come as the US government and Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing policies officially end, with the Fed Reserve still tossing banks billions of dollars to remain liquid even as they raise interest rates for the first time in 10 years.

Free Houses for Minorities?

The federal government started buying up mortgage backed securities after a massive round of handing out loans to unqualified home buyers under the Obama era. After the program was seen as a failure, it’s been quietly swept under the rug, while artificially propping up home prices to even higher highs, now making home ownership out of reach for many Americans, according to Stefan Molyneux.

The Federal Reserve has also been notoriously buying up bad investments and its own Treasury notes in an attempt to artificially keep the markets stable after terrible policy decisions made based on political correctness. In essence a massive scheme and a scam, all the bond-buying an securities the government has been purchasing is a de facto stimulus program, or another bank bailout. The government is officially guilty for trying to meet diversity programs and encouraging banks to lend to unqualified buyers, and it has caused a massive housing bubble that is ready to pop.

$85 Billion in buying up debt per month in 2013

The government buy-ups of failed securities and instruments hit a peak in 2013 when the US government started buying up 85 billion every month of them. Imagine the wider effects this artificial picking of winners and losers has had on the average American, with many Americans now having no chances of home ownership. And this shakedown and shake-out of real potential buyers has resulted in the banks and the government owning the private property that Americans should be owning.

Under any other political system this might be called communism. But in America, it’s called stimulus. With all the irresponsible actions of the central bank and the government, there has never been a better time to get an IRA rollover to gold, since the stock markets are largely dependent on the banks and the Federal Reserve, whose actions demonstrate this type of manipulation does not last forever. Consider 2008 if you need more proof of what happens when a few big companies get bailed out for their irresponsibility, and in the process create a nation of renters.

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2018: Things To Come for Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

When trying to look into the future, it’s best to use the lens of history, according to Mike Maloney. Low volatility could be the quiet before the storm as reported by a Yale expert economist. In the last 20 years, the VIX volatility index for stocks has seen record lows in an extremely short period of time, in just the last 2 months.

Many people are speculating that the Federal Reserve and the government are actually shorting the VIX in order to keep the VIX price down. The VIX is a measure of how unstable the markets currently are, and allows traders to invest in another instrument though it can be identified as a warning signal as well.

The VIX tells the tale of how retail investors get slaughtered by the big guys on Wall Street

Because the VIX is showing such a lack of volatility, or at least it was until the end of January when the market dropped 3,000 points, that’s when most investors should be taking action in the opposite direction of the herd, according to Mike Maloney. The current streak of low volatility is a telling indicator that people should prepare for a market correction. Matched with a lack of market pullbacks and the P/E ratio of stocks hitting near all-time highs, the market is looking like less of a safe bet every day.

The fair value of a stock i.e. a reasonable price-to-earnings P/E ratio for a stock is 12 to 15 times revenue for the price of a share of stock.

We have not visited the undervalued area for stocks, not even close, yet.

Mike Maloney predicts that the Federal Reserve’s stimulus and artificial propping up of the stock market with zero % interest rates, the lowest in history, will ultimately become ineffective very soon, and the market will reverse to fair value.

So What is Undervalued? Cryptocurrencies and precious metals

At this time it will be very advantageous for anyone who has decided to get a 401k or gold ira rollover to protect their hard-earned wealth and retirement accounts.

401(k) and ira to gold rollover


This Amazing Chart Shows Bitcoin Investors Diversifying Into Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

In the last few months lots of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been flowing into gold. Crypto investors realize by and large that the crypto market is extremely volatile, however there is a solid undervalued market floor/bottom for precious metals, thus making gold and silver a great investment forking opportunity for people holding Bitcoin.

I’ve said in previous posts that Bitcoin investors would do well to take some profit and put it in gold. And now we’re seeing just that. With the markets overvalued along with the housing market and recent drops in the bond market, cryptocurrency along with gold and silver are primed to launch.

Best ways to invest in gold and silver

I myself hold cryptocurrency and precious metals because I strongly believe a weak US dollar, stock market highs and a housing market that’s seeing less customers every month going into 2018 creates the perfect environment for the crypto market which has a very low market cap and precious metals which have hovered at their relative lows for several years to explode to the moon.

Most people may not want to hold 10 pounds of silver or gold at their house, and that’s understandable. Still, people with ETFs and IRAs or 401Ks are going to want to consider taking a partial rollover to Gold IRA to receive the tax benefits as well as storage by a custodian until they choose to take delivery of the physical metals themselves.

One thing’s for sure, 2018 is shaping up to be one heck of a year for Bitcoin and Gold, regardless of which one you hold.

401(k) and ira to gold rollover


Rob Kirby – Bankers Will Send Gold and Silver Prices to the Moon

If they stop pushing the price of gold down in the markets with paper shares, the elites fear the rise in the price of gold would lead to mania and a loss of confidence in the current fiat monetary system, according to Rob Kirby in a recent interview with Greg Hunter. The Federal Reserve and the central bankers have been dumping paper contracts for gold with the London Gold Fix and on the COMEX to artificially suppress the price of gold and silver, but their ammunition is getting less effective by the day.

“They have lost the power to smear the market the way they used to” says Kirby, largely due to the fact that entities around the world like in Asia are buying up physical gold at an insatiable rate. The end-game of this is that the Western world will not be able to fix the price of gold and silver to an imaginary number to maintain the teflon appearance of the US dollar intact.

The appetite for physical metal in the East is enormous, and it’s not going down any time soon. The demand for gold in the US/Canada is very small compared to Asia, where it’s difficult to acquire tons of gold and silver. But times are changing, and the reason why is because the entire world is getting fed up with the “Fed” itself.

We’re going to experience precious metal being put on the blockchain

Monetary elites will see that “crypto-ized metals” will finally present a force that can defeat the manipulation in the Western based fiat monetary and banking system, bringing much-needed reality to the entire physical metals market. Most gold and silver metals investors and traders are already privy to the fact that a large amount of underhanded chicanery.

The US has also been relying upon the fact that oil must be purchased in US dollars, but with China creating the petro-yuan set to release in March of 2018, the US dollar’s days of freeloading off the backs of the rest of the world’s economies could be coming to an end.

Right now, no one can really redeem shares of SLV and GLD except for the bullion banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, in theory, and the process is shrouded in mystery. It’s ambiguous for a reason according to Kirby, and I think readers of our blog can see why. This is why putting precious metals on the blockchain stands to eliminate the selling of paper shares for metals that may not even exist, or selling the same piece of gold on paper 100 times.

This is why instead of investing in Gold ETFs on the stock market, putting your money into a gold backed IRA is the best option for holding significant amounts of gold and silver without having to store it all in your woodshed behind your house, though the option for taking physical delivery is there should you choose to hold it yourself.

$21 Trillion USD Unaccounted for by the US Government

More than an entire year’s worth of US GDP is missing from only 2 government departments. Dark money that is not accounted for is thought to exist in the government’s coffers for manipulating and propping up the current status quo like the US stock market, bond market, housing market, as well as cover military actions abroad.

Kirby and Greg Hunter both speculate that large amounts of dark money distort the true figure on the amount of circulating US dollars in the world, and they say the elites do this for a reason using offshore banks and foreign entities. This could explain how the bond market is getting rescued on a daily basis in the markets, which is evident on the charts and technical tracking indicators.

401(k) and ira to gold rollover


I’ve been running this site now for almost 4 years, encouraging people to invest in gold and silver in order to prepare for an eventual stock market collapse/revaluation. Here’s the problem: the markets from currency to stocks, bonds to housing- are so controlled, manipulated and rigged by the Federal Reserve and the big mega banks in America and Europe, that the market crash may never happen.

What the Already Rich, Successful and Well-Connected (but not to BitCoin) Have to Say About BitCoin

Then, you have the price of Gold and Silver being fixed on a daily basis. This means that any chance of their price correcting to what we all as precious metals aficianados know deep in our hearts is the true and fair value of these shiny metals, is not currently materializing. Whenever the price of gold or silver starts to rise, mega banks dump contracts on the futures market for metals, i.e. selling large quantities as market orders (not limit orders), and driving down the price of the metals.

At the same time, when bonds in the bond market start to sell off on an almost daily basis, secret buyers are making massive purchases of bonds to prop up the artificial stock market, which by the way has record price to earnings ratios with no justification.

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Futures & Future of Cryptocurrencies

So as you can see, buying and holding some BitCoin or other of the various time-tested cryptos available has made some people very wealthy already. But this is still just the beginning of the crypto market. The NEED for something like this is being driven by the market itself. The world is sick of fiat currency manipulation, crony capitalism, and government socialism.

There is a real need for Bitcoin in the world. There’s only ever going to be 21 million BitCoins too. This means that there is a FINITE amount of BitCoin. Unlike the Federal Reserve and governments around the world, THEY CAN’T PRINT MORE BITCOIN. This is the real reason for the spike in price!

How Do You Even Start Investing in BitCoin?

It is incredibly easy. Easier than opening an online stock trading account in fact. I signed up on the largest and most popular crypto currency buying exchange. It’s actually the top app download on Apple iTunes, but I use their normal desktop computer version.

They are called CoinBase. And if you open an account and invest $100 or more, you and I will both receive $10 in BitCoin added to each of our accounts by using this signup link here.

Many people may be psychologically turned off buying BitCoin because they can’t afford to buy a whole BitCoin at its current price. I assure you, this will not stop you from making money, only being able to buy a partial BitCoin. It only matters what the price movement is, and if experts are even close to being correct, then BitCoin still has a long way to climb.

Because it’s finite! Because it’s a world need! Because it exists as an independent, non manipulated decentralize currency!

It’s also accepted as payment online just like PayPal, only better. Because people are avoiding high fees in moving money around now.

Do yourself a favor. Go invest $100, $500, or $1,000 in BitCoin today. Save your login credentials to CoinBase, and come back in 2 years. You can buy me a cigar.

Go sign up and get some BitCoin already! It takes 5 minutes to get in on the biggest thing since the internet itself!


dog walking and pet sittingFixed income retirees, pensioners and social security benefit drawers may benefit from having some additional income in their golden years. For many, simply going out and getting a job is neither feasible or desirable. This is why pet sitting dogs for extra money from home becomes a potentially great option to make money after retirement.

Sitting dogs from home does not require a lot of skill or expertise. Mainly you just need to make sure the dog is fed and has water, and that they can’t escape! It’s also a great way to spice up your life and have some moderate excitement and adventure as a senior.

Here’s how to get started sitting dogs for money as a retiree:

How to Start a Dog Sitting or Walking Business From Home

*You don’t need an elaborate, detailed business plan to start.

*You mainly need to love dogs and be passionate with them.

*Getting insurance for dog walking/sitting can be very advantageous and a good selling point for potential customers

*Have the right environment and ability to perform what you promise- i.e. have a yard for the dog if you’re dog sitting, or be able to go out on regular walks

*Make sure to post a few fliers around town with your phone number on them!

Start Getting Dog Sitting Business from Rover.com Immediately

*Rover.com does all the marketing, but they take a 15% to 20% cut of your income. They pay off a few days after the gig, making them much faster than most regular employers

*Rover.com may be difficult to get initial business if the Rover.com market for your area is over-saturated. This is why it’s often helpful to get additional, concise help on how to become a dog sitter from home.

*Rover.com can often penalize sitters forever for one bad dog sitting experience. They are rarely known to take their sitters’ sides in disputes, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, Rover.com even censors its customers reviews for the sake of their bottom line at the expense of the consumer!

*Rover.com often works against the local independent dog sitters in town by attempting to enact legislation to put them out of business. Talk about shady!


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Germany’s central bank completed its plan to repatriate the country’s gold reserves from New York and Paris, three years ahead of schedule. Initially expected to take until 2020, the plan involved returning 374 tons of gold from Paris, and 300 tons from New York. But for Vince Lanci, editor for marketslant.com and the founder of Echobay Partners, the timelines do not add up.

“You are dealing with something heavy that has to be moved so it does take time, but you don’t need seven years to move that much gold,” explained Lanci. Frankfurt now holds just over half of Germany’s total 3,378 tons of gold reserves, with 36.6% left in New York and 12.8% in London.

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Dave Ramsey says, “Move Your TSP to an IRA”

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