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Why I’m going to invest in GoPro on the stock market

By going public, GoPro just made a very bold decision. They have been enjoying a huge customer base right from the time that they entered the market.

Specializing purely in camera and other electronics production, they have been able to carve a good niche in the market that not many firms would have made. Their consistency and quality of their products are the main reasons that have enabled them to continue dominating this market niche.

All their products have earned well in the market and this is a clear indication of the confidence that the customers have in GoPro merchandise. They have indeed created a very strong reputation for themselves due to customer satisfaction over the years, quickly emerging as the leader in the business of wearable automatic film making and photography.

GoPro has produced many brands of cameras from 2004 when they availed their first camera to the market. Millions have enjoyed the services of these products especially the GoPro Hero 3 camera model to capture their best moments in life. If you can get a hold of this camera then, you would understand better what it means with capturing your best moments with GoPro Hero 3. Not even the invasion of market by the smart phones attempted to kick them out of market. It is this huge market and the ever increasing growth rate could be the reason to why they decided to go public.

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GoPro Cameras are Everywhere Now

This is indeed a piece of good news to the consumers of GoPro product. Yes they have decided to go public on the stock market and this means that, you can now become a share holder in this giant electronic firm. They have performed very well in their IPO and this shows the potential that they have. Who cannot be tempted to go for a firm that is recording a more that 38% growth every year? This is the place to invest your money in along with gold, real estate, and hopefully a small but growing business. GoPro has a very strong and growing customer base and it has every including technical skills and experience that is needed to continue with market dominance.

I didn’t even think twice about going for the GoPro stock and investing money in this safe haven. GoPro is planning in diversifying its products by turning itself into a media company. This is an excellently thought idea and the plans are underway. By doing this, this firm will have tripled its customer base and the revenue from this venture will be quite huge. You what this means to share holders.

GoPro is going places and do not be left by this bandwagon of money makers. There is a huge potential and guaranteed growth of any firm is impossible, but buying their stock is the wisest decision that any investor can make looking for the next Google or Netflix in my opinion. I remember in 2004 when I bought, and then sold, Google. Bad move. GoPro has tremendous upside from my vista.

This is an electronic firm and apart from GoPro cameras, they also sell other home products, mounts, accessories and software & apps. By opening a media center, the firm will have added a huge investment to the already performing ones. They boast of a huge customer base that they have built by provision of quality products. Their rating on the online platform is quite encouraging with a more than 95% rating showing their level of customer satisfaction.

GoPro symbol (GPRO)

Their products are capable of being synced up through Apple products like the iPhone to be controlled remotely, so the sky’s the limit with the type of filming that can be accomplished strategically and without a large crew.

GoPro stock is around 68 bucks a share at the moment, the highest it’s ever been and it seems to be well deserved from their solid financial statements and niche buyers (who by the way have money for things like that) so they should see continued success.

One man’s opinion. But I will be purchasing GoPro in the near future, like Friday of this week. I see this as a long-term buy and hold stock.

Remember those days?

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