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The Secret Story of Gold (Video)

Ask yourself, how again does a government go bankrupt? Could it be social programs that cripple economic growth?If you’re waiting for the news to tell you that the country won’t be able to pay its federal debt and that another credit downgrade is inevitable, let me save you the anticipation.

It’s not surprising to see that median US incomes have consistently fallen since the mid 2000’s and with inflation rising, it’s like a grinder that’s sucking people’s real wealth dry.

This is just one more reason to consider starting a gold IRA. Real gold in a physical location: accounted for.

I love this video, it’s quite fascinating!

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Also, if you think about it, there’s only one way to beat inflation and market instability, and that’s to create an asset that produces money for you at an unusually high rate, and not a job that you could lose either, but a product or service you could offer.

Create an asset that produces money for you!

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