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X22 Report Spotlight: Bill Holter Talks Petro-Yuan and Its Threat to Cause Hyper Inflation in the USA

US Dollar Could Meet Its Demise As Petro-Yuan Goes Online

When the US loses reserve currency status with the US Dollar, it’s going to mean a reduced standard of living for Americans of around 50%, which could begin as soon as March 26, 2018 when the Petro-Yuan comes online. This coincides with the same time that both China and Russia have first-strike hypersonic capabilities.

Bill Holter on the X22 Report Spotlight predicts the US will become a Banana republic once credit dries up and interest rates rise. All that has been propping up the value of the US dollar has been America’s global military presence, pointing a gun at all nations heads to accept the dollar as the US Federal Debt has surpassed 20 Trillion US Dollars and shows no sign of slowing amidst a massive trade deficit and flat wages for the average American worker.

The US Dollar has already dropped about 12% in the last year, and weak economic numbers (the stock market bubble notwithstanding) like retail show that even with the steady increase of shoppers going online for their products and services, the brick and mortar retail pictures sets off some obvious alarms- namely, the massive increase in the construction of Dollar Stores.

Some editors on Forbes has claimed that the closing of Sears and Macys is not a big deal since there are going to be so many Dollar Generals springing up everywhere- which should of course be disagreed with by anyone with an IQ higher than a cantaloupe. But this again shows all the irrational exuberance in the markets, and the economy at large.

It’s times like this that we’re reminded that people who have worked their whole lives to have some type of individual retirement account or 401(k) should immediately begin protecting their ability to retire by considering a gold ira account.

You may not get rich, but you will not likely lose all your eggs from depending on the Western central controlled basket, an empire and an economy teetering on the next positive step by Russia and China and the dying petro dollar.

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