What Are the Smartest Ways to Buy Gold and Silver in 2019 and Beyond?

Investing in Gold the Smart Way

There are many great reasons to invest in gold and silver as a part of your overall retirement strategy. Gold has historically been seen as a safehaven of value, having never gone to zero, unlike every fiat currency in existence. Gold is a great hedge on inflation, deflation, political and global financial instability, as well as the frauds perpetrated by governments and their politicians who prefer to spend today and worry about the consequences tomorrow.

The issues when buying gold and silver arise after you start to accumulate significant amounts of it, which results in problems with storage and transporting it. However, a gold or precious metals IRA offers all the safety in addition to tax benefits for people who decide to rollover a portion of their current IRA or 401K, or to the investor who wants to hold a significant % of their current wealth in gold, silver, palladium, or platinum.

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The Dangers of Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs carry far too much counterparty and 3rd party risk. Trustees may not insure gold holdings and sub-custodians may evade liability under current laws. In addition, people buy a share of the trustee, not actual shares of gold. With all this, gold ETFs do not qualify as a traditionally safe way to purchase gold or silver.

Gold IRA Rollover from your IRA or 401K

You can simply roll over a portion of your current IRA or 401K without incurring any tax penalties or fees. If you wait until you are 59 and 1/2 years of age before withdrawing the metals or liquidating, you’ll have all the tax benefits of a regular IRA as well.

Ask questions of your potential Gold IRA custodian regarding fees for storage and administrative costs, and make sure to understand all the details of timetables when you want to make the withdrawal or sale of the metals in the account. Additionally, ask about the procedure that allows you to physically hold the gold or silver yourself under an LLC.

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