Federal Reserve Rate Cut Proves to Be Ineffective- Dow Jones and 401k’s Posts Worst Week in 2019

Jerome Powell says the economy’s so great, we’re going to go ahead and cut interest rates anyway, but just a little tease so we can all see what happens. The stock market responded by dropping a full 1% across the board, not satisfied with the token measures presented at today’s Federal Reserve meeting.

Federal Reserve Lowers Interest Rates- But It Doesn’t Work

Jerome Powell announced on Wednesday’s FOMC meeting that the Federal Reserve would be lowering the nominal funds rate down to 2% in the first interest rate cut in 10 years, but the immediate result was a bit unexpected.
Normally, when the Fed promises cheaper money, easier “liquidity”, and a pledge to support financial markets, stocks get an easy boost and head towards the upside. But strangely, even as Powell had finished his announcement, the Dow Jones dropped 300 points with a swiftness.

The next day was even more interesting, with the Dow Jones climbing over 250 points, only to drop about 450 points starting in the mid afternoon after President Trump promised more tariffs and penalties against China.

What Does the Future Hold for the US Economy, and Your 401k?

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I’ve been saying it for the last 5 years (at least). The stock market has been boosted by artificially low interest rates, which dissuades average savers and investors from keeping cash in the bank to earn interest or to buy US Treasuries, taking a conservative money management strategy.

Instead, the middle class has been having their wealth siphoned for 10 years, and all this recent interest rate cut proves is that printing money does not solve fundamental problems in the US or global economy. Maybe instead of bailing out the “too big to fail” banks, we should have let them go away.

With the housing market cooling to a freeze in both America and Australia as well as the rest of the world, and retail and manufacturing reporting disappointing numbers, it would appear that the charade is almost up for central banks who continue to support the false narrative that they are there for anything else than propping up the elite and the billionaires who have fared quite well since the Great Recession.

I don’t see this ending well. Do something about your own investments, savings, and retirement while you still can.

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