The Best Financial Advisors in Beverly Hills, CA if You Believe Yelp (and I do)

Yelp is a fine resource for today’s consumer in making choices for products and professional services so it’s no surprise that my go-to source of info for choosing a financial advisor would be Yelp. I myself leave positive and negative reviews on Yelp for businesses, but usually only if it was a truly remarkable experience good or bad.

Beverly Hills has a median income of around $97,000.00, the 37th wealthiest in the nation. With the uncertain future of the markets and the US dollar (ok so I’m certain about the future of the US dollar anyway), the rich and famous of Beverly Hills would do well to start thinking about the next 30 years and what it will mean for one’s savings as an American if they don’t plan ahead.

Not everyone is going straight to the plastic surgeon when they retire or to get a new set of dental implants by one of the many celebrity Beverly Hills dentists that make seniors look like movie stars. Many people are looking to roll over their 401k(s) or evaluate their assets and expenditures before moving forward on their bucket lists.

The best financial advisors in Beverly Hills

The highest ranking financial advisor on Yelp for Beverly Hills is Samuel Rad. From Financial Coaching to Radio appearances, he does it all. But perhaps what he does best is what’s most important, and that’s making people feel empowered about their financial futures.  I have not read a single negative review on Yelp for him and several of the reviews are from people who would recommend Mr. Rad to their friends.

*highlight: Sam Rad will meet you on a Saturday to talk finances when you’re available, and 17 5-star reviews and zero negative reviews holds a lot of weight in my book

The #2 guy on Yelp for financial advisors is Mathew Watt. With 10 5-star reviews and zero negative reviews, his client comments read similarly to Sam Rad’s. He is known for his professionalism and trustworthiness and that he is not trying to just sell you something, though I’m sure he wouldn’t turn your money away in helping you make a good decision that secured your financial future in these uncertain times.

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