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is surgery for snoring and sleep apnea safe?Snoring is a very common problem for American adults, affecting over 40 million men and women every night. While it’s a bothersome nuisance and maybe even a little hilarious, it can actually be dangerous. When a person snores, they are actually going without air for long periods of time. When a person goes without breathing several times per minute every night, they are often diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Closely Related

Snoring and sleep apnea then are directly related and are distinguishable from each other usually by only a degree of severity. The dangers of sleep apnea do not usually include death as a direct result, but can aggravate or create even worse medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and heart attack.

Besides the very serious medical issues that come with sleep apnea, snoring causes people to get low-quality sleep at night, often waking up gasping for air, even if they are unaware of it. As a result of this sleep deprivation brought on by insufficient air, a person will often miss out on REM, or “rapid eye movement” sleep, where the body and mind undergo healing and regeneration, and also result in that rested feeling you get after 7 to 9 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep.

Is CPAP the Best thing to Stop Snoring?

The solution that most people come across is the CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure device, which when used is often the most efficaceous solution to snoring and sleep apnea. However, it comes with a heavy cost and commitment.

While a CPAP can rang in the thousands of dollars on top of the costs of doctor visits and insurance bills, what many people don’t realize is that CPAP has a variable rate of success of around 46% to 83% of all those treated with the device actually fail to use it the recommended >4 hours per night. Thus, it begs the question: “Is CPAP the best option for people who snore?”

The next common option is corrective surgery. There are literally at least 25 different surgical procedures for snoring and sleep apnea, but some of the most common are the uvulectomy, turbinate reduction, septoplasty, implants, and maxillomandibular advancement.

Most of these procedures can be done in a doctor’s office or clinic with only local anaesthesia and you will be released the same day. However, the success rate of these procedures deserves some scrutiny, as together they average less than 50% success in eliminating snoring and improving sleep apnea for patients.

If this information sounds disheartening, then you can be pleasantly surprised to know what Harvard doctor Lawrence Epstein has said about sleep apnea: “If we can get people to lose weight, it would make both sleep apnea and other health problems [such as heart disease] go away.”

The truth is, most Americans are overweight and many are technically obese. Over half of all American adults are considered overweight and over one third are rated as obese.

OTC Stop Snoring Mouthpieces: a Safe, Cheap Alternative to CPAP and Surgery

In addition to a little healthy weight loss, adding exercise to the weekly routine, and looking for ways to cut down on unhealthy food options, snorers can also invest a little time and research into stop snoring mouthpieces which are available OTC and still cleared by the FDA. These mouthpieces can work immediately and usually cost less than $100. Many of them come with risk-free trials so you can try before you buy, ultimately.

No matter what you do, please do something about your snoring problem or sleep apnea. In the long run, snoring may be a serious detriment to your health and longevity masquerading as an annoyance.

Good luck and here’s to many rested, sleepful nights.


Bed bugs may be the furthest thing from you mind right now. At least I hope they are. For many people, however, they are indeed top of mind, because many people around the world cannot attain a good night’s sleep due to the tiny parasites which used to be the things of nursery rhymes, but are now the things of nightmares.

Bed bug products can be bought online instead of Wal MartFrom causing people to wake up from itching and scratching, to eventually ending the expectation to have a solid 7 – 9 hours of uninterrupted REM sleep at night, bed bugs are the root problem for a lot of sleeplessness being experienced by folks regardless of location or income.

To make matters worse, they are very hard to kill. And this is exactly why I wanted to give a short list of facts to help people out there get rid of bedbugs.

Bed bugs treatment

Bed Bugs treatment starts by tidying up your home and vacuuming the seams and cracks of your mattress, box spring, carpet, bedroom, sofa, and anywhere else something could be hiding near your sleep area.

Bed bugs signs

The first bed bugs signs are usually bites. When people notice bed bug bites they usually assume spiders, mosquitoes, rashes, etc. and this loses valuable time.

Check to make sure you’re not dealing with just dust mites, which are not visible to the human eye and cause an itchy red rash all the same, just in a different way. This YouTube video on dust mites and bed bugs explains the differences, but how interestingly enough the strategy for elimination is strikingly similar.

Bed bugs bites

Bed bugs bites are normally very small, red, and in large groupings. For instance, bed bugs seem to love the neck and face area and will leave a cluster of 10 – 20 bites when they decide to stop for dinner. These bites often turn into large red rashes on the skin and when people scratch them, it can turn into skin damage.

Bed bugs symptoms

Bed bugs symptoms, aside from the bites, include clusters of black specks and tiny black dots in and around the mattress seams and between the box spring. You may also find areas of splotchy brown, red, and black along with the shells of bed bugs when they shed their old skin, as well as egg casings. This is usually where the bedbugs congregate during the wee hours before looking for food.

Bed bugs bites pictures

Bed Bugs Bites pictures look like this:

Bed bugs spray
The obvious knee-jerk reaction is for people to look for some type of bed bugs spray. This is because we have been conditioned through marketing as well as other psychological factors associating firearms with killing things, to look for some type of firing mechanism to kill insects on contact. However, this is a futile and illogical endeavor, as this will not kill bed bug eggs or the bed bugs hiding in the walls or between the mattress.

How to get rid of bedbugs

Ultimately, when discovering how to get rid of bedbugs, you will want to avoid the high-priced exterminator who will often expect you to shell out thousands of dollars and even sign onto a monthly contract. You’ll also want to bypass buying products that don’t kill the eggs like bed bug sprays, as well as chemicals that could harm you or your pets.


bed bug protectionSenior living homes can now solve their bed bug problem without having to rely on dangerous chemicals or worse- doing absolutely nothing about the problem due to negligence of management.

The subject of bedbug infestations has now gone to the front line of the national wellbeing and home improvement discussion. At the point when nasty bed bugs go to a city board meeting in a fair sized town in Ohio, encouraging a large number of the general population to a swift exit out of the building, you know there’s an issue.

Why the Bed Bug Problem is Not Improving at All

While it’s somewhat bizarre superficially at any rate that bedbugs would be found in an administrative assembly, it’s quite reasonable and expected at this point. To be completely forthright, blood sucking bed bugs will stow themselves away anyplace individuals congregate and anyplace there’s a cloth covered surface. This is the reason airplane terminals in world airports need to replace their seating areas far before the chairs need to be reupholstered.

Read: how to get rid of bed bugs naturally at https://www.defensive-end.com

With regards to where they prefer to live and regularly traverse, bed bugs are extremely flexible and creative. They adore high-traffic spots to profit from a relentless stream of human guests, since this inevitably implies more supper choices at the day’s end.

What most people do to do to dispose of bloodsucking bedbugs

While you might not have much say over the seats on the transport, train, plane, cinema, medical specialist’s office, or anyplace else unpopular bedbugs hang out, you can still take effective measures to safeguard your own home and living space today.

The first and most vital step is to tidy up your home as well as can be expected to reduce messes and take out potential homebase choices for the undesirable cimex lectularius, otherwise known as bed bugs.

Second, in the event that you notice a big bad bed bug invasion, the subsequent stage is to take all your garments and clothes to a laundromat and wash on industrial strength to include drying on high heat, which will not only kill living bedbugs, but get rid of bed bug eggs too.

A Bedbug Exterminator: Not always necessary- but always pricey

One of the 2 greatest slip-ups individuals make while fighting bed bugs is accepting the idea they have to get some kind of chemical weapon to stand a chance against them. The reason is mental, on the grounds that individuals accept something that is powerful at executing must come in a dangerous package

The issue with kissing bug showers that destroy on contact is that they don’t wipe out the eggs which are surely well-covered up away in the crevices of your sleeping cushion, box spring, bed outline, or in the splits of the dividers or underneath the floor covering.

The second greatest error is expecting that just paying large sums of cash to an exterminator will successfully tackle your bug issue. In all actuality, an exterminator can address your concern, yet it might be overly expensive, and they might need to utilize synthetic or harmful compounds that may not be the healthiest thing for your family, particularly in the event that you have little youngsters or pets that like to crawl around your home themselves.

The huge mystery for eradicating bed bugs is entirely straightforward. After you’ve evacuated potential clutter spots and disinfected your garments, you can put down a defensive barrier that effectively protects your home from these undesirable visitors once and for all. This little-known material is so natural yet most governments will basically not educate its people that such a reasonable, normal and safe item even exists.

The BEST Natural Bed Bug Solution the Government Won’t Tell Anyone About

The all-natural ingredient that gets rid of bedbugs fast and for good is known as freshwater silica. It is an abundant form of dirt that is found at the base of lakes everywhere throughout the world. It is a fine substance that is comprised of diatoms, which are the fossilized remains from once-living microscopic algae. At the smallest level they are quite sharp which means they pierce the exoskeleton of insects, and the bug in the long run loses all its inner liquids and perishes.

This common freshwater silica is likewise incredible in light of the fact that it remains great perpetually insofar as kept dry. This implies once the life of a bed bug egg tops at 21 days and releases its contents, the blood sucker may yet creep through it, end up affected, and bite the dust. One extraordinary site that offers the best, most secure, and legal type of this amazing product is Defensive End!.

The best part about this mysterious powder? Quite a bit of it is safe to the point that people even eat it. Moreover, small sums are put into the country’s livestock supply for domesticated animals as feed to execute the inner parasites of cattle, pigs, and it’s even tossed down on the ground in chicken coops to keep the flea, tick and critter issues under control.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to go the typical course of purchasing poisonous synthetic substances and sprays or spending oodles of cash on an exterminator, especially since this natural powder likewise works on all insects and creepy crawlies.

Good luck and get rid of those bed bugs!


dreamcloud mattress reviewsDreamCloud, a New York-based direct-to-consumer mattress company is making dreams come true by allowing customers to try out a luxury DreamCloud hybrid mattress for 365 nights.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress— a combination, CEO and co-founder Craig Schmeizer said, of the best of everything — comes in six sizes ranging from twin to California King, priced between $799 and $1499. Each one has luxurious features such as a hand tufted Cashmere blend cover, and a unique layer system combing premium memory foams and spring coils.

“Sleep should be a destination,” Schmeizer says. “DreamCloud changes the way we experience sleep. It’s like a first class ticket to the clouds.”

Hybrid Mattress Combines Memory Foam, Euro Top and Coil System

best bed in a box

The mattress truly towers over other direct-to-consumer “bed in a box” options which are typically made of memory foam and/or latex and stand around 10” tall. With 15” of plush comfort, the DreamCloud has a patent-pending support system which actively contours and cradles your body for a deeper, more restorative sleep.

“Previously it was impossible to buy a 15” luxury hybrid mattress that was both affordable and possible to try in the comfort of your own home” he said. “Getting into bed should be a plush, luxurious experience.”

In addition to the 365 night trial, DreamCloud offers optional premium services like a free cleaning once in the lifetime of the mattress (which you may need, since it’s guaranteed to last Everlong!) and free white glove delivery.

“We considered every aspect of the mattress to give you just about everything you could possibly want to fall asleep quickly and rest deeply,” Schmeizer says. “Everything, but the lullaby, that is.”

Read more: Dreamcloud reviews


DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Coupon

Here’s where you can get DreamCloud mattresses at $200 off their online retail price.

It’s important to shop around and do your due diligence online when buying a new mattress online. A little research goes a long way when finding the best deal for a bed that’s just right for you. Evaluating the benefits and the features of any product will go a long way in finding the best, most comfortable and affordable mattress in a box that will last your entire life.


Are you a dog lover? Do you enjoy getting out in nature and hiking, trail walking, camping, or running with your dog?

Then this is definitely for you.

Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own hands free dog leash to help you and your furry friend on your next adventure.

And, because I realize not everyone wants to make their own hands free dog leash, I’m going to give away 25 custom made adjustable, hands free dog leashes from http://thegoodhoundusa.com at 99% off with a special coupon code. So if you’re interested, for example if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, then this will cost you about 22 cents.

The Good Hound no pull hands free dog leash on Amazon

But before we make our hands free dog leash and do the giveaway, let’s get into the reasons why a hands free dog leash is an amazingly useful thing to have and use.

The Benefits of a Hands Free Dog Leash

1) Eliminates and prevents your dog from jerking on the leash suddenly and you dropping the leash and your dog running away, your dog running out in the street in traffic or running after a coyote in the woods.

2) It changes the center of gravity to your favor. When a hands free dog leash is attached at your waist via a belt or some type of securing mechanism, you gain a tremendous benefit by lowering your center of gravity and using your hips and your legs as a solid anchor to prevent your dog from pulling you or dragging your around. It’s really amazing to see how your dog automatically learns and adjusts to not getting to jerk you around spontaneously, and becomes a better on leash dog as a result.

3) Frees up your hands for other things like when you’re running errands, carrying in a bag of groceries, stepping out to pick up your mail, or even using your trekking poles when you’re out hiking and camping. Helps when having to go from your car to inside your apartment our house, or when you have to multi-task and put your focus on multiple things at one time. Like checking into a dog friendly hotel. Or if you want to go skateboarding and let your little buddy play the role of locomotive 🙂

4) It’s now easier and quicker to tie your dog up somewhere. For example, when you sit outside at the cafe or restaurant patio and can’t let your dog roam freely. Or if you’re at the campsite and need to secure your dog to the tailgate of your car while you unload your tent and sleeping bags.

Read more: Hands Free Dog Leash Review

Limitations of a Homemade or Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

A hands free dog leash is not the end-all be-all solution to all of life’s problems. But it’s a good start.

Still, it’s important to remember some safety tips when using any hands free dog leash, whether it’s a DIY homemade version or something you get off Amazon.

1) Homemade hands free dog leashes have no shock diffusion/absorption and are not usually auto-adjustable like the ones you can buy and the one I’m giving away today (practically free) at the end of this video today. This means that your dog is still going to be able to tug you a little and you’ll feel the effects, but it will be greatly lessened by the alteration of the balance of the center of gravity.

2) When you start using a hands free dog leash, you still have to be careful knowing your overall leash radius and switch back to hand control of the leash when:

a. walking your dog around blind corners

b. walking your dog near a street or intersection

c. walking near people and other dogs

Think of it like switching off cruise control when you’re driving and you approach traffic, or an airplane pilot switching off autopilot when flying through a storm. Remembering that you will still need to take manual control of the leash when distance is a factor will keep your dog safe and secure. Then when the coast is clear, you can go back to hands free mode.

How to make your own hands-free dog leash

I’m going to show you how to make your own hands free dog leash cheaply and quickly with a few options depending on what you’re working with already. And I’m going to show you my own variations and how I go hands free mode with my current homemade hands free dog leash depending on what I’m wearing.

First, all you need is the ability to secure the leash to your waist. I do this by attaching a carabiner used for hiking and rock climbing to the end of my normal everyday dog leash. Additionally, if you don’t have a carabiner or something similar, if your leash has a loop at the holding end, you can loop your belt through it. I recommend tying your homemade hands free dog leash to the left of your belt buckle, but that’s me. Try out and see what works best for you.

I then secure the carabiner to my Gerber Bear Grylls web belt and make sure my belt is on tight. Here’s why the Bear Grylls belt is so great. Aside from being very durable, easily washable, lightweight and heavy duty, it comes with this secret compartment where you can put things. Like, say, things that you don’t want other people to find. It also has this mirror so you can shine it a search and rescue plane and signal that you need help, or just more weed.

You can use any belt though, I suppose. I do not recommend tying straight to one of the belt loops in your pants should you not be wearing a belt that day, because a sudden jerk of the leash could result in your dog running off and now a shabby looking pair of jeans.

You can also use your drawstring in your athletic shorts, but be careful with this. Drawstrings are not usually so strong that they can resist a sudden full body tug from a German Shepherd, so your dog could still break the drawstring and run off. Most of the time, this does not happen, but it’s a scenario you have to be mentally prepared for, so just remember either to use a belt or be ready to go off hands free mode at the sight of a cat (if you’re dog is given to sudden fits of cat chasing like my dog is).

It’s pretty simple, but as long as you practice good leash training and safety with your dog, I think you will find many benefits from going hands free with your dog leash during play time with fido.

Custom hands free dog leash giveaway

For all the folks out there who don’t want to make their own DIY hands free dog leash, or want one that is adjustable, futuristic, no pull, retractable with reflective strips for higher visibility, which also comes with a FREE lightweight detachable doggie poop bag holder, then this is for you!

In order to get your own *Free (under 25 cents + shipping) hands free dog leash all you have to do is leave a comment saying where you live, how you plan to use the hands free dog leash, and leave a way for me to contact you to give you the coupon code for 99% off.

All I ask is that if you choose to get the hands free dog leash, that you actually get out there and use it, and then come back later and review it to let other people out there know if it’s legit or not. This helps other buyers make better buying decisions!

So drop a comment, get the code, get the leash, and leave an honest review. That’s it.

It really is that simple!


So in conclusion, today we had some laughs, we shared some stories, we exchanged smiles and maybe even desirable glances in each other’s general direction. We also learned how to make our own hands free dog leash and maybe even scored a custom made one for free-ish, in order to maximize our enjoyment and freedom with man’s best friend the next time we’re out walking, jogging, hiking, running, camping, jumping, drinking coffee or beer on the patio and using our dog to lure in chicks – You get the basic idea anyway.

Until next time, enjoy your hands free dog walking experience with all your furry friends. And don’t forget, the hands free dog leash also works on children and grandkids too.


The Death of the American Middle Class

best gold ira company



How much of your savings/investment accounts should be in Gold?

Lynnette Zang said that roughly 20% is optimal, however believing an economic reset to be in the near future for Americans, she now holds around 70% in gold.

Are you saying that we should pull out all our money from our IRA/401(k) and put it into gold?

A reset is different from a market downturn. However right now the reset is more of an urgent issue for the average saver or investor. She cites the Federal Reserve’s strange behavior lately in the headlines, proving without a doubt that interest rates cannot rise significantly without a massive downturn in the overall economy- possibly even a reset, which she is certain will happen, but she is just not sure when that date will be.

Lynnette Zang also criticizes the way investment accounts are legally structured to ensure that investors don’t pull out their funds and seek non-stock or equity based assets. She urges against holding all your money in the system, because when it resets the only thing protecting your wealth is gold, barring a government physical gold confiscation.

Has China already pegged the Yuan to Gold, and will the Petro-Yuan be Pegged to Gold?

Lynnette does not consider China’s currency to be heavily pegged to gold. People have to remember also that the current level of debt to GDP by China far surpasses many other developed nations at 257% national debt to their current GDP.

Are Gold IRAs better than Gold ETF?

Many Gold IRAs allow you to take delivery of the gold and silver when you choose either by having an official custodian watch it, or you can receive it yourself. Therefore it’s a lot preferable to a Gold ETF. That’s why we recommend Regal Assets for answering all your questions and getting started.

Rare or Unusual Coins

The last gold confiscation that happened in the United States was in 1933. There were some exceptions, i.e. “rare and unusual” coins and physical silver/gold. Therefore you’re probably not going to find a rare or unusual coin easily and you’ll be paying a large portion above spot price. Also, verifying its true designation is going to be difficult and most of the time it’s going to be a crap shoot.

I believe an economic and monetary reset is going to occur according to my gut instinct, but my brain says otherwise

Normalcy bias and people refusing to see the writing on the wall from current events, helped on by a complicit mainstream media which refuses to report on significant economic events worldwide, has insulated the average American to the extent that they are avoiding the cognitive dissonance that comes with a potential massive change in the way of life in America.

For more information, please request a free Gold IRA Rollover Kit, which you can get today by clicking on the free kit below.

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There Was A Major Reset Of Gold, But Nobody Is Talking About It: Lynette Zang

Still, she remains pretty uneducated on crypto currency and demonstrates a propensity for wild negative speculation without cause or reason.

global economic reset gold ira


Hungary’s Gold Repatriation Further Destabilize the US Dollar

This follows several other European countries choosing to take delivery of their gold to avoid the current fraud that exists in the petro dollar and the London Gold Fix. As we have already established on this website, paper certificates of gold are sold 4x what exists as their underlying asset- physical gold. Therefore, logically you would not want to be the last one to the party to reclaim the gold that the bullion banks have been holding and claims exists.

This comes on the heels of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in the United States peeking into the famous Ft Knox gold reserves of the nation, while giving the thumbs up suspiciously to reassure the rest of the world that all is well and ok. So far Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia have all made good on the delivery of their gold so that they will have “gold you can hold” as the Western fiat and debt based economic and monetary systems dwindle, and the US stock market sees new lows as the dead cat bounces past its 9 lives all the way down in a worse repeat of 2008.

The London Gold Fix Cannot Last Forever

It’s interesting to note that the Hungarian central bank is choosing to collect its stored gold from the Bank of England where there is not enough physical gold to meet demand in the event everyone who owned paper gold demanded delivery.

While Hungary does not have a lot of gold, this is starting to turn into a trend for countries to be on the right side of the next economic reset. Hungary has become a thorn in the EU’s side as it has chosen to go its own path in how it enforces immigration and bucking the EU-required amount of “refugees” mostly from the middle east. Maybe this is Hungary’s way of striking back against the New World Order and a way to secure its future outside of the paper money system.

It’s no surprise Hungary sees the writing on the wall and has made a move to retrieve its gold.

Precious Metals Could See Another Bull Run Soon

Considering how long gold and silver have hovered at their current support levels for the last 3 years without losing much of their gains, we believe that metals are simply waiting for their breakout moment to continue their upward trajectory starting back in the 1970’s when the US dollar was removed from the gold standard.

Once you decide to have gold protecting your retirement account, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you did something to protect your future in the midst of insolvent countries, pension funds, and government issued paper currency.

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US Dollar Could Meet Its Demise As Petro-Yuan Goes Online

When the US loses reserve currency status with the US Dollar, it’s going to mean a reduced standard of living for Americans of around 50%, which could begin as soon as March 26, 2018 when the Petro-Yuan comes online. This coincides with the same time that both China and Russia have first-strike hypersonic capabilities.

Bill Holter on the X22 Report Spotlight predicts the US will become a Banana republic once credit dries up and interest rates rise. All that has been propping up the value of the US dollar has been America’s global military presence, pointing a gun at all nations heads to accept the dollar as the US Federal Debt has surpassed 20 Trillion US Dollars and shows no sign of slowing amidst a massive trade deficit and flat wages for the average American worker.

The US Dollar has already dropped about 12% in the last year, and weak economic numbers (the stock market bubble notwithstanding) like retail show that even with the steady increase of shoppers going online for their products and services, the brick and mortar retail pictures sets off some obvious alarms- namely, the massive increase in the construction of Dollar Stores.

Some editors on Forbes has claimed that the closing of Sears and Macys is not a big deal since there are going to be so many Dollar Generals springing up everywhere- which should of course be disagreed with by anyone with an IQ higher than a cantaloupe. But this again shows all the irrational exuberance in the markets, and the economy at large.

It’s times like this that we’re reminded that people who have worked their whole lives to have some type of individual retirement account or 401(k) should immediately begin protecting their ability to retire by considering a gold ira account.

You may not get rich, but you will not likely lose all your eggs from depending on the Western central controlled basket, an empire and an economy teetering on the next positive step by Russia and China and the dying petro dollar.

Free Gold IRA Information Kit

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